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M12 connector

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6/F, Building B, Liyuhe Industrial Zone,, shenzhen, Essex, Basildon

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M12 connector and cable can be divided into soldering type, screw terminal type according to the connection methods. According to assembly methods, it can be divided intoassembly type,molding type,panel mounting type. According to encoding mode, it can be divided intoA coding,B coding,C coding,D coding,P coding,S coding,T coding,X coding. According to the shape, it can be divided into180 degree straight M12 cable,90 degrees right angled M12 connector cable,M12 T shape cables,M12 Y shape cables. At the same time it is also classified as two types of shielded and not shielded M12 cable. According to the pin or core number, there are3 pin,4 pin,5 pin,8 pin,12 pin or 3 pole, 4 pole, 5 pole, 8 pole, 12 pole. The material of M12 cable jacket has PUR, PVC and so on.

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