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I am an experienced, intelligent and considerate Master seeking a female submissive for an ongoing Dom/sub relationship.
Important for me is that any sub fem wanting to be considered, brings with her the correct mind set. A genuine sub fem will understand fully this inherent desire and need within her.
Whether you are an experienced submisive or 'newbie' (but genuine and seeking to learn) is not that important to me .... but having the correct mind-set is very important.
About Me: .... I am a good looking, fit bodied, fully solvent City Professional. I am currently single (but looking). I am an Alpha male, thoughtful, complex, sincere and real!
My specific needs are for a loyal sub fem who yearns inside to please her Master, and who will derive her own unique pleasures and highs from servitude and obedience as required, embracing her general sub / degradation activities and accompanying her Master on night's out as required (this will be in both Dom/sub mode and 'normal couple' mode). Remembering always that this is a clear lifestyle choice and everything is in context, so the ability to act 'normal' when required is an imperative, but with the added dimension, and erotica, of a true D/s union lying just beneath the surface, and able to take hold at any moment of my choosing.
Activities will of course include sexual, but will not be anything that is not prior understood between us. I am respectful and I am understanding of my submissive, but I am also a Master, and that aspect must never be diluted as it is fundamental to the whole D/s dynamic.
NOTE: if you have read this far ..... I do not seek 'wannabe, vacuous subs' ... I seek 'genuine' desire, need and intent.
Obviously, D/s is not a casual thing to enter into, submissiveness for a true sub fem can be a route to pleasures beyond the accepted physical norms of personal relationships and sex. It will take your own pleasure/highs to other levels not yet experienced via conventional relationships and their interactions. The mind fuck can be as good as - if not better - than the physical fuck itself .... if that statement makes sense to you.
So, there is obviously lots more to this subject matter that can be reasonably conveyed via this posting, and we can discuss this further when you have made contact. We can then take the next steps if we both agree it is right for each of us.

If you've decided this is for you, and you are about to reply, please tell me all about you and attach your pics, along with any other relevant information I should know about. Where you are based, what do you do, relationship status, experience ... and what needs you have.
Please no one-liners as your depth will show in your reply, and the sub having depth is an absolute key dynamic to a successful DOM/sub relationship ... and a very important aspect to me, personally, your Master. 

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