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3 Features of a Good Quality Portable Fan--ipanergy

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The weather becomes swelteringly hot between mid-June and July in India. And the hot weather stays for quite a long period. Now, in your house, you might have built a range of cooling options such as ceiling fans and air conditioners to keep you relaxed, but what if you want to spend time enjoying outdoor activities sitting on the patio or going to family and friends for a picnic. Do you have a reliable cooling solution while you are away from home to keep the sun and heat stress out? Okay, if not, then just what you would need is a portable fan.

It is efficient and easy to carry, as the name implies, which means you can easily take it to various spots inside and outside the house without any hassle. Even though the market has many portable fans, note that not all the fans are equal. Here are some features you must look for to make sure you buy a highly functional fan that doesn’t disappoint when you need it the most:


When buying a high-quality portable fan start with checking the unit’s airflow. The airflow of a fan is widely estimated in cubic meters per minute (CMM).

It is ideal to opt for a fan with a large airflow to ensure that the cooling is successful and reaches the entire enclosed area. Reliable brands such as Luminous offer a wide variety of options for portable fans with varying airflows. Check the following:

Type of portable fans with their respective fan airflow:

  • Table Fan Up to 130 CMM
  • Pedestal Fan Up to 100 CMM
  • Wall Fan Up to 75 CMM

Portable fans are available in various sizes in the market. Due to the number of choices you available, it is challenging to select the right size. Consider which part of the room the portable fan will be put in to make the best choice. If the room size is wide, go for a fan that has a greater area span, as the breeze can reasonably easily cover the entire room. Alternatively, as you would get the breeze from all directions, you might buy several small portable fans. On the other hand, a smaller portable fan would be adequate for a smaller space as the area that needs to be freshened is not too much. The most ideal size of the portable fan is 400mm. 


There are various styles of portable fans available that range from wall-mounted fans, table fans to personal fans. In portable fans, there are two kinds of motors used:

  • Normal Speed Portable Fan- It has a 4 Pole Motor (RPM: 1280-1330)- This type of fan is usually used in the area that has a temperate climate.
  • High-Speed Portable Fan- It has a 2 Pole Motor (RPM: 1800-2100)- This type of fan is usually used in the area that has a tropical climate.
  • Popular sweeps are 400 mm /300mm/450 mm
  • 1300 rpm /2100 rpm (4 or 2 pole motor) speeds
  • 40 CMM to 100CMM Air Delivery
  • Nearly all uses Sintered Sleeve Bearings
Choose the Best Portable Fan for Home

Known for its top-quality electrical switchgear, Luminous provides a range of portable fans in India at affordable prices. Its range of portable fans includes pedestal fans, table fans, and wall fans in sleek styles and striking colours. High-performance motors and aerodynamically designed blades for improved air distribution are installed into all these fans. 

For ease of use, portable fans have an adjustable height. Most have oscillating heads that oscillate to enable better circulation of air. A wide range of portable fans at Luminous also offers the option of multiple oscillating and non-oscillating versions. So, what are you waiting for? Check out their online store and buy the best portable fan today!

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