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This is not really about us, it is about you!

Hallo has always been about creating a place, where people can advertise for free, browse for free and help each other for free.

Hallo is a classifieds website, which offers a solid platform for advertising and sales through classified ads in the UK.

Hallo was founded back in 2005 as Hallo London, covering mainly the Greater London area. The idea behind it has always been to create a free market place where people can help each other by advertising what other people might need, whether it is goods or services.  We have since expanded and Hallo now brings people from all over UK together, making it easy for them to advertise, announce, create events, sell and buy.

We say Hallo to welcome the idea of free and quality marketplace!

Hallo has recently expanded from an advertising board to a free and exciting marketplace. You can now sell pretty much everything on Hallo. Why keep your old bike in the garage or your baby toys in the garden shed? There are people out there who may really need them and are willing to pay! Sell your car, sell your TV, sell your furniture. Sell your unique home made products. Sell your clothes, shoes and accessories.

Sell it All on Hallo!

And what is best – keep all the profit for yourself! It is free and easy to advertise and sell on Hallo! Hallo gives you the convenience of having your own Hallo wall page, where you can monitor all your postings, sales and purchases, see people who want to follow your profile and follow those you are interested in.

Say Hallo to free advertising!

Hallo is all about freedom! Freedom to advertise everything for free! Properties for rent, properties for sale, vehicles for sale, job vacancies ads, products and services ads, advertising an event, pets for sale or friends and partners ads – whatever the advert, it is free on Hallo! Advertising on Hallo gives you the opportunity to highlight your advert using professionally designed and carefully selected tags to promote your advert for free!

We say Hallo to welcome you!

You can now have your own and unique Hallo Wallpage, which you can personalise with your picture, slogan, information about yourself or your business and a lot more. This is your personal Hallo space, where you can monitor, update and manage all your adverts and sells and where you can create a your own network of Hallo users who wish to follow you or whose adverts you want to follow. You can also specify your personal search criteria and set a search alert so that you are notified every time someone posts an advert that matches them.

On Hallo, you can upload many pictures and CVs, keep them saved in your Hallo gallery and use them anytime you post an advert, sell an item or apply for a job. You will not need to upload them again every time from your computer. They will be safely kept in your personal Hallo web space.

Spread the word, let’s say Hallo to more people!

If you have already discovered Hallo, why not share the good news! When posting an ad on Hallo, you can easily share it on Facebook and twitter so that your friends can see it too. This will certainly increase your chances of successful advertising and quick sale! If you come across an advert that you think that might be of an interest sending them an e-mail with the advert’s details is just a click away.

Freedom of advertising and our user’s safety have always been our valued assets and main purpose!

We believe that most of our users are genuine and friendly people who share our values of freedom and safety. As a precaution, however, we have created an advanced and secure Hallo messaging system, which allows you to communicate with others without ever disclosing your personal e-mail. All Hallo messages go through our secure server and protect your personal data by never showing your e-mail to another user.

Back in 2005 we recognised the growing need for a reliable and free classifieds service in UK and today we continue work hard to improve this handy public tool.

We would like to continue to grow this colourful project with your help