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With hundreds of jobs being advertised and regularly updated on Hallo by leading recruitment agencies, private companies and recruitment consultants your chances of finding the perfect job on Hallo job board are unlimited!

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On Hallo you can upload your CV in “My Images and CVs” library and use it any time you would like to reply to a job advert. You can even upload more than one CV to use for various job vacancies. This gives you the flexibility of using multiple versions of your CV tailored to specific types of job adverts and saves you the time and hassle of having to upload a CV every time you wish to reply to a job ad.

If you would like to update or replace your CV with another version, simply delete the file that you no longer need and upload your new CV.

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Hallo job search gives you the option to follow specific recruiters that you are interested in keep yourself updated and access their latest postings at any time.

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If, while browsing jobs on Hallo, you find an advert that you think might be of someone else’s interest, you can easily share any ad on facebook, tweeter or send a private e-mail with the details.

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Find an exciting job advert on Hallo that matches your skills and apply for it. Just do it! It is quick and easy to contact hundreds of recruiters on Hallo. Just reply to the job advert with a brief message and attach your CV from your Hallo CV Gallery. Because it is possible to upload more that one CV in your CV Gallery, make sure that you attach the relevant CV to the job you are applying to.

Your message to the recruiter will be sent immediately and you will be notified as soon as a recruiter replies to you!

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