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Selling on Hallo is a free, easy and enjoyable experience. Hallo is a marketplace, where you can sell and buy pretty much everything from everywhere in the UK.

Sell your car or sell your dining table. Sell your old bike or sell any household goods. You can sell any products whether they are new or used.

Make secure payments and receive your money safely! Enjoy selling for no extra cost!

Step by Step Selling Guide

To Sell on Hallo all you need to register account and if you would like visitors to be able to buy your products through PayPal, you will have to enable your PayPal Seller features. Just follow the steps below and sell your items today!

Become a Hallo Seller

  1. If you do not already have a Hallo account, sign up and start using Hallo!
  2. To become a PayPal Seller log in to your Hallo account and go to My Profile.
  3. Activate your Seller Settings by providing the e-mail address, which is linked to your PayPall account.
  4. We will send an activation link to that e-mail address, which will enable your seller account.

List Your Items for Sale 

Now that you have activated your Sellers Setting, you can Enjoy Selling on Hallo!

  • Go to Post an Advert
  • Select the appropriate Category from the list.
  • Add a Title and Description of the item(s) that you will be selling. Please refer to our Smart Ads tips to increase your selling potential.
  • Indicate whether you would like to receive offers from buyers.
  • Select the payment method – choose whether you would like to be paid on collection or by PayPal
  • If you are selling more than one item and they come in more than one variation, you can specify the price for each variation by selecting “Add Variation”
  • Specify the price for your item (s)
  • Now you can specify your shipping options and costs
  • Indicate your location
  • Describe your item using the suggested filters
  • Add up to 10 high quality images to increase the chance of your item to sell quicker. Please note that your imaged will be saved in your gallery for 6 months, so no need to upload them if you would like to use the same image for another advert in the future.
  • Once your item(s) sell, make sure that you have received your payment before dispatching the item.
  • Make sure that you use secure delivery methods to dispatch the item to the seller.
  • Make sure that you keep your dispatch note and dispatch receipt safe! This is your only proof that you have sent the item to the seller. Please note that your PayPal Seller Protection will be compromise if you do not have a copy of your dispatch note and receipt.
  • Once you have dispatched the item, go to Items Sold/ Order Details and specify that the item has been dispatched. Make sure that you specify the dispatch tracking number. As soon as you update your order details, we will automatically send an e-mail to the buyer to notify him that the item has been dispatched.
  • If, for any reason you cannot dispatch the item, please specify that on the Order Details form immediately, so that the buyer is informed. If the buyer has already made a payment for an item that you cannot dispatch, you need to make a refund straight away!

Promote Your Listings

  • We have created a selection of eye-catching tags to help you promote your advert. Choose up to three tags that best describe your advert to make it stand out.
  • Take advantage of our promotional tools – Make your stand out - AdBid your Ad or create and AdBid Banner to ensure maximal visibility and premium advert location. For more on our Advertising Promotional Tools see our Smart Advertising guide.
  • Finally, preview your advert to make sure that you are happy with how it will be seen by other users.

That is it! Your item(s) are now live on Hallo to be seen by 1000s of buyers.

Enjoy Selling on Hallo! Transform your items into cash, by placing a free selling ad on Hallo!

Selling on Hallo is Safe!

When Selling on Hallo, you can choose to either receive payment on collection or to be paid by PayPal. While we do not get involved in the payment process, we want to make sure that you can sell and buy with confidence. To ensure the safety of both sellers and buyers, we have selected PayPal payment options - one of the most reliable and reputable online payment systems, offering both Seller Protection and Buyer Protection schemes.

Say Hallo to Free, Easy and Secure selling!