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Smart Advertising

Let's say you are trying to sell a car in Manchester or maybe you would like to let your property in Bristol as soon as possible. Just take a little time  to create a good advert by providing as much information as possible to your targeted audience and leave the rest to Hallo.

Take advantage of some advanced advertising tools that that we have created for you to make your Hallo experience enjoyable and to increase the chances of successful advertising.

Multiple Ads Posting and Free Database Integration

Take advantage of our Free multiple job posting tools offering CSV or Excel file uploads. Save time and post bulk in no time. All you need to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest. We can also facilitate your products database integration with Hallo for real time updates and feeds.

Make Yourself Visible – Personalise Your Hallo Wall Page

Your Hallo Profile is your chance to show yourself to any other Hallo users! Take advantage of all Hallo Wall page features to increase the chance of being noticed!

Update your Wall Page Pictures

We have selected some wall page images for you, but why not make your wall page unique - personalise your wall page with your own image that reflect you or your business.

You can add a profile picture that will be seen by other users and will most certainly increase your chances to stand out!

You can also personalise the title on your Wall which is by default “Hallo World” to either include your name or any other slogan you wish to have!

Personalising your Hallo Wall Page will undoubtedly attract attention by showing your unique personality. This will certainly increase your popularity and success.

Creating a Successful Posting

Make sure you have provided all necessary contact information and that you have prepared a good description for your item, service or property.

Having an image of the item you would like to sell will help the buyer make their decision. It is often the case that people select to see only ads with images and completely ignore those without images. Make time to take some good pictures for your item and upload with your advert. You can now link up to 10 high quality images to your advert. Pictures of popular products are also available online and are usually free to use. Visit websites of product manufacturer to check for images and products specification / description.

Upload Images Once and Use them for Unlimited Adverts

To simplify the image upload, we have created a Hallo image gallery where you can upload and save your pictures and use them for any of your adverts. So next time you want to place an advert with the same picture, there is no need to upload it from your computer again. Simply select it from your Hallo picture gallery.

Respond to any enquiries about your ad as soon as possible and in a polite manner and ensure that you are able to demonstrate your legal right to sell an item, e.g by providing proof of purchase.  

Tag Your Advert with up to three Unique Hallo AdTags

Highlight your ad and increase its visibility and hence its success! Choose from a selection of free and pre-paid AdTags to promote your adverts.

Stand out from the crowd. Show everyone what makes you unique! Show them why other users should choose your product or service!

Featured Ads

Ads marked as Featured Ad are displayed on top of the search results in the subcategory in which they have been posted. For example if you post a featured ad in the Flats & Houses subcategory under Property Rentals, your ad will appear on the top of results in this particular section. The outstanding red Featured Ad tag guarantees that your ad will attract a lot more viewers than a non-featured ad.

You can choose to have your ad featured for 3, 7, 14 or 30 days and increase your success chances significantly.

Urgent Ads

The Urgent Ad label is ideal for ads that require a quick response. Good examples would be sell offers or ads which are time restricted or just something that needs to be sold or offered urgently and want to attract attention and prompt replies. Urgent Ads stand out and draw a lot more attention compared to non-urgent ads by their bright green tag and the slightly coloured background which ensure more viewers and more-successful feedback!

Make your ads stand out and enjoy the benefits of successful advertising by taking advantage of the Featured Ad and Urgent Ad Tags!

AdBid all other Adverts

Make your Advert an AdBid to maximise your exposure and optimise your coverage.

AdBids are selected number of adverts, which take the most prominent space on our adverts pages. Unlike the "Featured" adverts which tops up a category, the AdBid adverts will keep their top position on all result pages.

AdBids can also be displayed on Home page under the Spotlight section.

You can also choose to have your AdBid for Banner and create your own Banner, which will be located at a premium location for optimal visibility.

AdBot is a feature that automatically bumps your advert up every 7 days for the duration of 12 months. It guarantees that your advert will be renewed automatically and will top up the listings every week.