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Advertising Guidelines

Hallo is a free classifieds website enabling people from diverse background to advertise, buy and sell, to interact and communicate. To facilitate these processes and to maintain a safe, spam free and enjoyable experience for our users, we have created the following guidelines and policies that all Hallo users agree to comply with.

All successful postings meet our Advertising Guidelines and those in breach are removed from our listings without any notice. To help advertisers address issues with their postings, we have listed some of the most common reasons for suspension of ads in Moderation Code List.

Please note, as per our Terms & Conditions, paid services are not refunded for contents, that has not met our Advertising Guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • Posting must be genuine, should not include misleading or inaccurate content. Provide as much information as possible about the item or service you are offering or looking for to increase the chances of your ad to be seen by more people.
  • Provide good quality images to your ad. It is often the case that people select to see only ads with images and completely ignore those without images.
  • Create your own content and images - stay away of copying others information, is this may invade someone else’s physical or intellectual property rights.
  • Choose best category for your posting - this will help users and your advert will get more viewers.
  • Provide correct contact information, which is sufficient, yours and free to use - using non-existing mailboxes, wrong or premium telephone numbers, may cause suspension of your account.
  • Do not create postings on behalf of other person or company - this is illegal.
  • Spamming is not helping users - creating multiple accounts is not solution to outreach. Creating spam or engaging other users in spam activities is strictly prohibited on Hallo.
  • Privacy is a human right - respect privacy of other people or companies with your postings.
  • Keep away your posting contents from any form of abuse.
  • As a popular dating hub, our adult content is strictly moderated - adverts focusing on excessive nudity will be in breach with our policy and will be removed from the website. 
  • Postings for pets or animals, should take in consideration the wellbeing of the animal. Such should be made for animals of over 9 weeks of age and will include at least one recent image. Advertising any species scheduled by the Dangerous Wild Animals Act are prohibited by International law. All commercial vendors need to provide Local Authority licence information when submitting an advertisement. For additional information, please visit the Pet Advertising Advisory Group For expert advice, visit the RSPCA or head to your local pet rescue centre if you're unable to find what you're looking for online.
  • Do not post any adverts promoting websites similar to the business of Hallo.

Illegal Activities

By Viewing and Posting Contents on You Agree that:

  • you will not infringe the law, any third-party rights or any of Hallo policies and will not promote any dangerous and illegal acts.
  • You will not transmit viruses, malware, any destructive code or any content which could interfere with operations of networks, servers or websites.
  • post false, misleading or inaccurate content;
  • distribute spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes

Unauthorised Content

Hallo is a platform for free advertising and posting, promoting freedom and community engagement. We condemn content that promotes hate, violence, inequality or intolerance of any kind. Buy using, you agree that your content shall not include any threatening, insulting, harassing, abusive or indecent material, racist, sectarian or paedophile content or any content associated with abuses of children or other people.

Duplicate Content & Account Impersonations

Duplicating content is decreasing coverage of your adverts and is pushing readers away from your adverts. Create descriptive and creative adverts - Hallo have loads to help you with that.

Impersonating and using multiple accounts with similar or the same content is strictly moderated. Accounts created for purposes failing our Advertising Guidelines will be removed without prior notification.

Using a proxy service to hide identity for reasons of impersonation will lead to account closure as well.

Items & Products Restricted for Advertising

The promotion of the following products and services is restricted on Hallo as their distribution is age sensitive and is heavily regulated. They can only be purchased from licensed establishments and cannot be advertised on

  • Drugs, medical supplies or any related products
  • Weapons, including but not limited to guns, pistols, explosives, fireworks, etc.
  • Goods that infringe anyone else’s physical or intellectual property.
  • Tobacco and Alcohol
  • Any products and items which can be considered as general Health & Safety thread.
  • Gambling

Moderation Codes List

  • Contents do not meet Advertising Guidelines (A100)
  • Improper classification of advert (A101)
  • Spamming detected or reported (A102)
  • Suspicion of, or fraud reported (A103)
  • Trademark infringement reported (A104)
  • Copyright infringement reported (A105)
  • Suspicion of, or illegal activity reported (A106)
  • Invalid contact information (A107)
  • Description discrepancy reported (A108)
  • Imported product waiting approval (A109)

Adverts, which are in any way in breach of our Terms & Conditions, including these Advertising Guidelines and our Safety Guide, will be removed immediately. Notification of why such advert has been removed will appear in your Hallo account under your Listings.  Please note that even adverts which are tagged with any of our pre-paid tags and do not follow our Advertising Guidelines will be removed without a refund. 

We reserve the right to suspend and close any account, without any notification should continuous violation of our policies occur. 

Please help us maintain Hallo a safe and pleasant place by reporting an ad if you suspect that it is illegal or in any way in breach with our Terms & Conditions by using our spam reporting tool.