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Must-Know Tips for Buying the Very Best Silver Jewelry

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 Silver is one of the most popular metals used in designer jewelry in the united states. Fashion in the united states is influenced by Hollywood stars & supermodels, in modern times these fashion icons have been studying themselves with jewelry made of gold & silver.

Influenced by these fashion icons a wide range of American youth like wearing jewelry of gold & silver just to look fashionable. Buying popular gold & silver jewelry such as bracelets, silver necklaces online, silver earrings online, and jewelry of gold shopping online is becoming a trend among the youth.

The online jewelry market in the united states has flourished & grown up to 40% in the past decade, the online jewelry sector is predicted to grow more in the coming decade. Shopping jewelry online has become the new normal shopping trend for the youth.

Nisso & Co is the best silver necklaces, online wholesaler, in NYC that provides you a wide range of designer silver necklaces online at wholesale price, also  Nisso & Co is the best sterling silver CZ earrings wholesale provider & 18k gold plated jewelry wholesale provider in NYC.  At Nisso & Co you will easily find a quality, trusted jewelry as we are a genuine online jewelry wholesaler in the united states.

As online jewelry shopping is on a boom, it’s always a challenge for new shoppers to identify the difference between quality & downgraded jewelry. Today we share with you some tips you can follow when you buy silver jewelry online.






5 Tips For Buying Silver Jewelry Online

Online shopping of jewelry is the new normal trend and continues to gain popularity among wholesalers, retailers & customers as shopping online can help you save unwanted expenses.

But shopping jewelry online is often challenging as it bears certain risks such as theft, burglary, or online fraud which cannot be denied. With the help of a few tips you can certainly avoid getting cheated, so let’s shed the light on 5 tips that are easy to follow & can help you shop silver jewelry online with ease, so let’s get started.

Identify Sterling Silver

One of the most popular silver jewelry materials is sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy of two metals with 92.% of silver & rest of 7.5% of nickel or copper metals mixed. The sterling silver you purchase should have a sterling silver hallmark these are the popular hallmarks STER, Sterling, Sterling Silver, or STG. Sterling silver also is durable, non-magnetic & can be polished easily back to its shine. These are some standards you can follow before you purchase sterling silver jewelry online.

Make A Note Of The Silver Hall Mark

Silver in its purest form is liquid & cannot be used, pure silver plates bear a marke of 99.99% your online wholesaler should mention this to you. Also if you purchase silver jewelry make sure to check with a microscope and you will find a 925 marking on your silver jewelry randomly everywhere. This can only be viewed by a microscope & needs to be checked as pure quality silver always bears these hallmarks.

Check The Images & Description

When you shop for silver jewelry online, make sure that the company or brand offers all the details in the product description & also mentions it on the final shipping bill which is delivered to you. You can also check on the images uploaded on the website, and try asking for more images of the designs, videos, etc from the jewelry provider by connecting to them personally. Nisso & Co are the best silver necklace wholesaler provider in NYC that provide their wholesale customers & retailers with high-quality images of the jewelry design they wish to purchase.

Business Transparency

Once you feel convinced to go ahead with a particular silver jewelry design & connect to the online jewelry provider then make sure that the brand from which you purchase keeps the conversation lit & interactive, also you should cross-check the prices, quality, standards, images, videos, bill, and prices. The brand from which you purchase should be very transparent in every business translation firsthand without you having to ask them for anything first. Business transparency can be judged in the very early stages if you find things a bit weird or delays in responses you can still take a foot back & search for another online jewelry wholesaler.

Research About The Brand

It’s a very simple and effective method to know more about the brand before you connect to them personally. You can browse the search engine to know more information about the brand, its existence, and what jewelry they offer, make sure to browse the brand’s website pages, check the social medial channels, and go through the comments, reviews & likes to their social media channels or comments on their websites. Top online jewelry brands provide options for comments & reviews on their websites. Having a look at the reviews of other customers and their ratings can help you know in depth about the brand’s services.

Best Silver Necklace Jewelry Wholesaler In NYC

Nisso & Co is the best silver jewelry necklace wholesaler in NYC that provides quality designer silver necklaces on its online platform.

Nisso & Co is the most well-reputed jewelry wholesaler in the united states operating in the jewelry market successfully for the past three decades. We provide our customers with pure genuine stamped silver sterling jewelry at very competitive prices.

Nisso & Co is also the leading 18k gold plated jewelry wholesale provider in NYC providing genuine 18k gold designer jewelry to our clients. We are the most trusted wholesale jewelry provider in NYC & across the united states.

Feel free to visit our online platform today or connect to us in person for quality jewelry designs, you can also visit our jewelry store in NYC.

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