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CNM1 General Ward FT & PT

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My Client was founded in 1921, and has the honour of providing over 100 years of service in Kerry. Providing "Good Help to those in Need", our Hospitalis one of 5 in Ireland comprising of my Clients' Health System, which is the largest private healthcare provider in Ireland. Their goal is to ensure they continue to provide Advanced Medicine This hospital received Joint Commission Accreditation (JCI) in2005 which is one of the highest seals of approval for medical facilities and ensures that the hospital consistently meets highstandards of patient safety and quality care.
This Hospital in Tralee has grown rapidly over recent years and recent advancements include new clean air operating theatres, two new endoscopy operating suites, a new radiology/diagnostic wing and a Rapid Access unit.
One Fixed Term, Part-Time Post (36 hours per week)
One Permanent, Full-Time Post (37.5 hours per week)

Applications from suitably qualified persons are invited to apply for the fixed term, part time position and permanent full-time positionof Clinical Nurse Manager 1.


The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements at a minimum:* Registered with Nursing & Midwifery Bord of Ireland (NMBI) with NMBI pin
* Eligible to work in Ireland ie Visa
* Nursing Diploma or greater
* Minimum 3 years post registration nursing
* Effective Leadership and Communication skills
* Proven clinical, professional and managerial experience
* Management qualification desirable

As a Clinical Nurse ManagerI, your role is likely to encompass various responsibilities aimed at ensuring quality patient care and effective management within a clinical setting. Here are some key aspects of the role:

1 Leadership and Supervision:

* Providing leadership to nursing staff within your unit or department.
* Overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring that the team functions cohesively.

1 Clinical Expertise:

* Applying your clinical skills and knowledge to assess and care for patients.
* Staying informed about the latest developments in healthcare and incorporating evidence-based practices into patient care.

1 Staff Development:

* Mentoring and supporting the professional development of nursing staff.
* Conducting performance evaluations andproviding feedback to enhance the skills of your team.

1 Patient Care Coordination:

* Coordinating and managing patientcare plans to ensure optimal outcomes.
* Collaborating with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive patient care.

1 Quality Improvement:

* Participating in quality improvement initiatives to enhance patient safety and satisfaction.
* Implementing and monitoring best practices to maintain high standards of care.

1 Communication:

* Facilitating effective communication between healthcare team members.
* Keeping staff informed about changes in policies, procedures, and protocols.

1 Advocacy:

* Advocating for the needs and rights of patients.
* Ensuring that patients and their families arewell-informed and involved in the decision-making process.

1 Resource Management:

* Managing resources efficiently, including staffing, budget, and equipment.
* Identifying and addressing any issues that may impact the delivery of quality care.Your role as a Clinical Nurse Manager I is pivotal in the success of the healthcare unit or department you are managing. It requires a combination of clinical expertise, leadership skills, and a commitment to continuous improvement. As you continue in this role, consider setting goals for your professional development and finding opportunities to contribute to the advancement ofpatient care within your organisation.

If you are ready to embark on a rewarding career, make a real difference to the lives of patients and require more details, please contact Renata Ryan on +353 86 44 8416 and apply today.

Industry: Medical and Nursing


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Vacancy Type: Permanent

Job Skills: Teamwork, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Planning & Organising, Patient & Customer Focus

Contact Name: Renata Ryan

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