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VAT is when you can begin farming the other heroics

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When you're unable to anymore do Medusa terrorists heroics, and you've all the gear you need from normal mode VAT is when you can begin farming the other heroics. Obviously, the heroic dungeons will provide fairly decent gear. Some of them are recognize as filling in the gaps kinds of gear pieces, but the main reason we're doing them is to farm to the Badgers and one of the best weapons available during the pre patch rather than doing raids is blade of the Harbingers I would recommend it once more if you can obtain an unlocked weapon for the season. If not, it the money is likely to be spent on getting VPP weapons and spending badges for the other gear line for instance girls in fury V.

Leggings have an ending fury for the chestpiece. We have a breastplate of ice helmet Imani face of death gloves Furious deaf organizations and have an arrow here bloodless brooch for the trinkets of the magister terrorists, obviously you actually have to be pretty decent in your gear before you can go and tank heroically but it's the best thing to do because the way to do it is obviously when you have an armored tank and you form a group yourself you can then not invite any plate DPS , so you have absolutely no competition for any plate equipment that drops because obviously in the final analysis, each brick was an opportunity to have the most epic piece of equipment that could be a good game piece. You'll need to suggest buying some high level gear you know is available. Good greens and blues on the auction are very easily, for example elite green champion gear, which typically has defensive stats on him.

In truth, if you had all the gear you need to be a champion, like Blood Death Knight, you would definitely be able to tank heroically due to DK of the ridiculously overpowered over self healing behalf I once you've done all this and you're playing fairly consistently it'll take about a week I think for you to farm. It may take more than a week in order to farm all the bad pieces but it's very easy to acquire some great equipment in a week, and it's obvious that the next step you've already figured out is that I don't need to talk about the actual raids . The first one is Karazhan Zola and then progressing into more challenging raids.


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