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英国毕业论文的作用是检测留学生们在整个留学生涯中的学习成果,所以大家一定要认真对待,否则有可能无法顺利毕业!!!在留学过程中,Dissertation可能是你写过的最长的文章,很多小伙伴都纷纷表示“特别迷茫”、“感觉无从下手”...本期,我们就带大家理顺提交时间线,分解dissertation的结构,让你摆脱迷茫!The purpose of a graduation thesis in the UK is to test the learning outcomes of international students throughout their entire study abroad career, so everyone must take it seriously, otherwise it may not be possible to graduate smoothly!!! During the process of studying abroad, Dissertation may be the longest article you have ever written, and many friends have expressed "special confusion" and "feeling helpless" In this issue, we will take everyone to streamline the submission timeline, break down the structure of the dissertation, and help you get rid of confusion!

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