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Hi, I am Ronald Ball

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Chapter 3: A team effort Please comment after reading

Peggy was now in full MILF Slut mode. A week or so back she broke all norms by seducing and then fucking her stepson, Steve. It happened innocently enough, she thought to herself, but it would never have happened if she had been more careful. If she had just made sure her bedroom door was closed during her morning ritual of masturbating on her bed, then Steve would not have innocently seen her playing with herself. Events then took a new course and she ended up with his lovely young erection buried in her married, stepmother cunt.

Then a week after that episode, she was trying to bandage the knee of one of her stepson’s buddies, Joey, who skinned his knee playing basketball at her house. She was not in control of her senses when Joey developed a huge erection as she was kneeling in front of him, washing his injured knee. She just could not help herself as she witnessed the young man’s hard-on grow right in front of her face. It was not her fault that Joey had such a large and delectable dick. She could not keep herself from touching it. And soon, Joey knew what Steve knew too, that Peggy was an eager sex machine, waiting to be switched on by whatever might trigger her at the moment. Fortunately for Peggy, both boys knew they would have to keep the secret about what happened that if they wanted more of her attention.

Peggy was fully aware that she was acting inappropriately around the teenage boys who were often in her backyard at the basketball hoop. To get her mind off sex, she would focus on her morning routine. The routine was to do a fitness video and stationary bike for one hour. Part of her task was to do some stretching to keep limber. She kept herself in excellent shape with this program. Then, for a couple of hours she would do some gardening or tidy up in the house. And to end her morning routine, she would shower, then lay on the bed and play with her pussy. This should have been a simple schedule that kept her busy enough not to be consumed by thoughts of sex all the time. But her libido was like a teen-age boy’s. There was no way to know what would set her hormones in a rage and remove her self-control.

It was still early in the summer, but it was one of those hot afternoons where you would never want to spend any unnecessary time outdoors because of the heat. And yet, the basketball court was again abuzz with activity. Steve had just come home from mowing a few yards for date money and brought three of his buddies over to play some hoops. Those young men could go on for hours outside, it seemed. She marveled at their stamina. She loved watching them sweat and hustle in the heat. All of them were tall and rangy and were just now of the age where they were growing and developing muscles. Her mind drifted. She found herself imagining being surrounded by all the hard pricks that those young men were packing.

Peggy knew they must be thirsty so she thought she should mix up some lemonade to take out to them. But first, she thought she should change into something a bit more interesting than ordinary shorts and a mommy t-shirt. She rummaged thru her casual clothes and could not find anything that she felt would show off her assets and casually catch the eye of those boys. She had to be discrete, so they would not think she was purposely exposing herself to them, but she wanted to let them get a flash or two. It was just harmless fun, wasn’t it?

She remembered doing her daughter Dana’s laundry the other day and there was a tiny denim skirt that was in the pile. Dana was at a sleepover and would not be home till late in the day, so Peggy decided to rummage thru her teenage daughter’s wardrobe and find that skirt. It might fit, but it would be very short on Peggy since she was still a bit taller than Dana. Peggy found the skirt, removed her shorts, and quickly slipped on the skirt. She looked in the mirror and saw how short it was on her. A lot of thigh was exposed. Peggy decided it was perfect. Instead of the T-shirt, she was going to wear a white "wife beater"; a stretchy tank top, made of thin material that followed every curve of her anatomy. With no bra on under it, her dark pink nipples were easily visible thru the cloth. Perfect again. The short blue denim skirt and white shear top made a great teasing outfit for the boys. As she was leaving the room, dressed to entice, and without much thought, she decided to slip off her panties. Why ruin a hot look with plain old white cotton panties? She was a modern woman, and going commando seemed like the perfect companion to the outfit.

The boys were still playing basketball outside. She quickly mixed up the lemonade, poured four glasses over ice, and put the drinks on a tray.

She walked out to the court with the drink tray held in both hands right at waist level. As she walked, her breasts bounced just enough to give away the fact that she was braless. Her prominent nipples removed all doubt of her lack of a bra by nearly piercing the flimsy cotton top. As she got closer to the boys, all play on the court suddenly stopped.

Peggy smiled and called them each by name and said "good morning! You guys look so hot (Freudian slip?) out here that I figured you would be thirsty." They quickly gathered around her, and each grabbed a glass. They thanked her profusely and were quick with their appreciation of how nice she looked today. The four were all surrounding her, and she could feel the body heat emanate from their sweaty skin. The scent of male sweat was quite an aphrodisiac to her. Multiply it times four and she was nearly overcome with desire. But she controlled herself.

They all chatted a moment, then Peggy decided to try her hand at shooting a basketball. She had played when she was in high school but that was a long time ago. She walked over to the ball but had to put the empty drink tray down first. The boy’s eyes were locked on to her ass as she walked away from them. It was when she bent down to place the tray on the ground that they saw the curves of her lovely ass cheeks and then the sweet folds of her bare, naked pussy. She was not wearing any panties! They could not believe it. Each guy just stood there, mouths opened, and gazed at her incredible ass and pussy lips. They could not believe their luck. At this moment, Peggy was the hottest woman on the planet to these horny teenage boys. She paused to allow them to look, just as she had planned. Peggy was grinning as she reached for the basketball, then slowly stood straight up.

She clumsily dribbled the ball around the half court. Her tits were jiggling as she moved about. She stopped at the free-throw line and pumped the ball toward the rim of the goal. It missed entirely and so she ran after the ball. She again bent down, with her back to the team, and grabbed the ball from the edge of the court. She turned back to the boys, but noticed her shoe needed to be re-tied, so she squatted down and started re-tying her laces. Peggy’s legs were spread out and her freshly shaved pussy was completely on display for the boys. She could feel the warm breeze blowing between her legs and cooling off her very damp pussy. Peggy knew her audience was captivated by her display, but it was about time to end the show. Her goal was to give them nice visions of her as they jacked off later that night.

But four shadows suddenly surrounded her as she continued to re-tie her shoes. And four sets of feet crowded around her. She stayed in a kneeling position but looked up to see the guys with their shorts lowered down enough to expose four engorged hard-ons. This was a turn of events that Peggy had not counted on. It was one thing to harmlessly flirt and expose herself to these young men. But it was another for them to expose themselves to her. She panicked. She froze in position. She did not know what to do. Her stepson, Steve, broke the ice by gently, but firmly grabbing her hair and guiding her face to be positioned right in front of his erect penis. She was silent. She could not think of a word to say. She just automatically opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his gorgeous sweaty dick.

Steve gasped and threw his head back as the underside of his young prick was being tongued by Peggy. She had a way of flicking her tongue under the dick as it was buried in her throat which gave an incredible sensation to the owner of the erection. She sucked on his dick for a few moments, then pivoted to the next one in the circle surrounding her. She did not pay attention to who’s penis was in her mouth.

It did not matter. She was captivated by the moment. She lustfully allowed herself to be throat fucked by this dick. She grabbed the boy’s ass cheeks and forced more of his shaft down her throat. She wanted as much of him inside her as possible. Her nose was pushed up against his pubic hair and the musky odor of sweat drove her crazy.

She continued to circle around and sampled each boy’s dick. She sucked just long enough to get each hard-on to full attention, but not long enough to cause it to go off pre-maturely. Peggy did not have a plan, but she was in a hormone rage and wanted to keep sucking these dicks for as long as possible. She grabbed the next one and began jacking it off before slipping her mouth over it. But the sensations were too much and caused the young man to climax. He shot several streams of cum on Peggy’s face before she could wrap her lips around it and catch his goo.

The vision of Peggy being plastered with spunk was the trigger for the next boy, who began feverishly pounding his dick. He aimed it at Peggy and quickly launched his load of spunk at her lovely face. She turned late and caught most of his cum on her cheek and nose before she could get him into her mouth. He finished his last throes of cum and she licked off the final dribbles.

Another boy, frantic to release his sperm, grabbed her hair and began rubbing his erection on the smooth skin of her neck and face. He could not wait for her to take him in her mouth and his cum unexpectedly erupted from him. It drenched the other side of her lovely face with several globs of white creamy jizz.

The last boy was rapidly jacking off his dick. He was able to control his release long enough to get Peggy’s face directly in front of him when he exploded. He released several spurts of cum right on the bridge of her nose. The cum quickly ran down into her eyes and she was temporarily blinded by the blurry goo. She felt more spurts and quickly opened her mouth to catch whatever she could of the boy’s delicious juices.

Each boy was done. Every erection was spent. And Peggy’s face wore the results of their fulfillment. She was coated in a syrupy goo that delighted but shocked her. She had not planned for any of this to happen. Her innocent teasing was not to be carried this far. And now she was covered with their sperm and could hardly see from the gunk in her eyes. They all paused and marveled at the amount of spunk they had deposited on her face. It was dripping down her nose and a glob was dangling off her chin. One of the guys had grabbed his phone and snapped photos of her while she was sucking one of the dicks, and more as she stayed on her knees waiting for her eyes to clear.

Steve grabbed her hand and coaxed Peggy to stand. Neither said a word. He guided her to the edge of their pool, on the other side of the yard, and led her down the steps and into the cool water. He lovingly rinsed off all the sperm that was on her face. She rinsed the cum out of her eyes and could finally see clearly again. It seemed to her that each boy must had shot a bucket of cum on her. She was amazed at how much sperm a young man could produce. She briefly thought about what a great story she was going to be able to tell Wanda.

All four boys jumped into the pool with her and gathered around her. She gave them the same warning that she had given to her stepson Steve and to Joey. "This must remain a super-secret. No one can know about what happened if you ever want to do it again." Peggy got a solemn pledge from each of the boys that no one would tell what happened on the basketball court. "OK", she said. "Someone help me out of the pool so I can change into dry clothes." They all eagerly helped. They each knew that this was going to be a special summer..

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