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Hi, we are Woods Fine Linens

Harrogate, - Member since Feb, 2024

Woods Fine Linens has been cherished for its attention to quality and an eye-appealing collection of fine linens and luxury cotton collection. Since the early 19th century (with their first linen store), the Woods family unshakingly has been offering the finest linen in the UK. Now via a full-fledged online portal as well. In its earlier days, the linen store supplied some of the town's prime hotels with finest linens and towels. Woods got its appreciation from the places where nothing beneath the premium was accepted. Soon the quality standards and the brand's reputation spread across Britain and the Woods gained patronage. Even today, Woods Fine Linens employs only seasoned experts to weave comfort for you. As said, the linen quality at Woods is relied upon by the presidential and royal residencies too. Extending its expertise, Woods with its dedicated interior department segment offers complete design and decoration services to country homes. The brand is constantly living up to the expectations whether its linen or interior design segment - all because of excellent services, inherited expertise and attention to detail.

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