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Hi, I am Drew O'shane

, - Member since Dec, 2019

"There's good news and not so good news," Dr. Wells my orthopedic surgeon said. In a series of accidents, I'd broken both of my arms eight weeks earlier. The first in a mountain biking accident with my wife, and the second in a freakish fall down the stairs a few days after. I'd spent months in casts that extended from shoulder to fingers. With both of my arms in plaster, simple tasks like dressing, eating, or going to the toilet were impossible to do by myself. My wife Samantha, who is a nurse, helped with everything even if it was embarrassing to me. But it took up an incredible amount of her time. Thankfully, her friend and nurse colleague, Marlene, had come to the rescue and moved into our home to help, alternating her work schedule with Samantha's so that I was rarely without help. "The good news is the bones have healed enough that the casts can come off." I grinned and gripped Samantha's hand with the tip of my fingers. "The not so good news is that your arms have been immobilized for two months. They're not going to be the same as before your accidents." He paused again. "The muscles have gotten a lot weaker. The tendons will be contracted, and your range of motion will be much shorter than what you had. Even the skin will be different." I nodded. "I read about all that. I know it's going to take some rehab, but I can't wait to get these off," I motioned to my arms. "Good. We'll talk about the plan in a bit." He picked up an electric saw and began cutting away both casts. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed upon seeing my limbs for the first time in eight weeks. They'd shriveled to half their previous size. I tried flexing my fingers, but I couldn't make a fist. When I tried bending my right elbow it didn't move. I felt like crying. Samantha squeezed my shoulder sensing my dismay. "It's alright Dan. Nothing that rehab won't fix. You'll be back to normal soon." I looked at my wife. Love, encouragement, strength silently poured out from her. "Damn straight!" I said trying to sound enthusiastic. "Let's talk about rehab,' the doctor said. "We're looking at ten to twelve weeks." He held up his hand as I was about to protest. "I know you're disappointed, but for the next month or so, you're still going to need help with your daily routine. It's a good thing that you have Samantha," he glanced at my wife. "Sorry about that. But before long you'll be able to take care of yourself." The doctor stood. "I'm very pleased with how well you've healed. With work, you'll be back to your old self, doing everything that you love, and maybe discovering some new adventures." My wife almost choked out loud. Dr. Wells tipped his head in curiosity at her near outburst. "My receptionist will get you set up with the therapy and I'll see you back in eight weeks. Take care, work hard, and stay out of trouble," he paused before leaving the room. "Or maybe I should just say, don't get caught doing anything that I wouldn't do." The door clicked closed. Samantha burst out laughing. "Stay out of trouble? Don't get caught doing anything that I wouldn't do?" She gasped and clutched at her sides struggling to control herself. "Damn. I had no idea." I couldn't help but laugh along with her. What my orthopedist didn't know was that not only had Marlene moved into our home, but also into our bedroom. There the three of us had discovered all types of sexual passions. The experiences that we shared had expanded our boundaries in ways we'd never imagined. To call Samantha and I "out there" sexually was an understatement with Marlene in our lives. "But I don't think he's got what we'd want," Samantha chuckled. "Ya never know." "Trust me, I can tell. Scrub pants don't hide much," she said suppressing more laughter. "Let's get the therapy scheduled and get out of here. I'd really like to be home." "Me too," I added. "Hey," Samantha caught my arm. "I really love you, you know ... with or without Marlene." "I know," I threw my weak, but cast-free arms around her and hugged as tightly as I could. Back home Marlene was napping in our shared bedroom before going in to work the night shift. With practiced efficiency Samantha helped me get out of my clothes and into the "uniform" that I wore around the house, which was a tank top shirt and nothing else. It was an outfit born of necessity that allowed me to use the toilet mostly by myself since I couldn't unbutton or unzip pants. We headed into the kitchen and sat down at the table. "We knew it would be like this. Well at least I did," Samantha said reaching across the table to touch my arm. I nodded still disheartened by my debility. "We talked about it, the three of us, remember? It's one of the reasons that Marlene is going to stay longer." She smiled crookedly. "Well, one of the reasons." "I know, I know. But I was hoping that I'd be more capable than this," I nodded to my wilted arms. "I'm still dependent on you two and I hate the way that I've burdened you." "It's not a burden. And remember 'for better or worse, in sickness and in health'? I really meant that." The love that I felt for my wife welled up inside of me. "Besides, it's not like there aren't amazing fringe benefits. I'm not glad you got hurt, but I am glad that the accident led us to everything the three of us have done together." I awkwardly interlocked my fingers in hers. "I love our life and want more with both of you. I know you hate not being able to do what you want, and having to rely on us, but it will get better. In the meantime, we love being able to help you. Besides," she smiled wickedly, "you're building up a debt, and we plan to collect on in the most delicious way we can." "Hey you two. How did it go at the doctor's office?" Marlene padded into the kitchen wiping the sleep out of her eyes. She was wearing nothing but a tee-shirt that left everything from navel down exposed. Even after months of living close together with few boundaries, I marveled at both of the women's beauty and the easy way we all were with each other. I raised my bare arms over my head. "Yay!" Marlene exclaimed. "That has got to feel better." She began brewing coffee. "I'll bet the doctor told you all about rehab." "Yeah," I said dejectedly. "Dan we talked about that," Marlene echoed what Samantha had said. "It's going to be weeks before you're even close to being back to yourself. That's why I'm staying to help." She stared at me over the rim of her mug "Did you two get together and plan this speech?" Marlene and Samantha looked at each other. "Kind of," my wife said. I had a feeling what was coming next. They were both grinning ear-to-ear. "We definitely planned the debt collection part," Marlene said. "Oh yes!" Samantha added. I couldn't help but chuckle at their deviousness. I also knew that I'd relish whatever plans they might have about "debt collection". Blood flowed into my groin at that thought. "Too bad I've got to go to work tonight. I'd love to start working on your payback," Marlene sighed and took a big swig of coffee. "But I'm off for the next few days. What do you think Samantha, should we put Dan to work on payback then?" My wife smiled and nodded. "Excellent. Just thinking about it will make my shift fly by." She polished off the coffee and put the cup into the dishwasher. "I've got to get ready for work. You two have a good evening together. I'll see you in the morning." She kissed Samantha then stroked the erection that had begun growing between my legs. "Don't wear it out tonight you two." Marlene breezed out of the room. I caught my breath and focused on slowing down my heart rate, which had accelerated listening to the women and on Marlene's caress. Samantha grinned. "Maybe not so bad that you still need help and have a 'debt' with us?" I nodded. "That's what I thought," she snickered. Samantha stood up, "Let's get a drink and start on dinner. Then I think I'll wear you out just a little bit," she tugged on my erection, which had bloomed to full mast. Later that evening Samantha and I were laying in bed after she'd ridden me to a shared orgasm. "I meant what I said earlier," she laid her head against my chest. "Which part?" "About loving the life that we have now. I feel closer to you than I ever have. Taking care of you physically has really made me feel so connected to you. I mean it's not like wiping your butt or feeding you one forkful at a time is what I longed for in our marriage, but I truly love being able to do that for you. It's made me appreciate just how much I love you." She hugged me tightly. "The other thing is including Marlene. I never in a million years thought that I'd want to share you, your body, your pleasure, our intimacy with anyone else. But it's happened and it's opened my eyes and my heart. Having her in our lives has made me happier than I ever thought. I love sharing you with her and sharing myself with both of you. I don't want it to stop." I draped my arm over her shoulder and tried to hug her back. "I know what you mean. It's been incredible in so many ways. I love what we have too and I'm not ready for it to end." "Then let's not let it end." "What do you mean?" "I'm not sure. I can't imagine that the three of us will live together like this forever, but for now let's not even think about it being over. We'll keep going together, push whatever boundaries feel right in the moment, no regrets. There's nowhere I don't want to go with you." I wasn't sure exactly what Samantha meant or what "boundaries" she might be thinking of, but I loved and trusted her completely. I squeezed her as tightly as I could and said, "I love you." We stayed like that for a long time. I thought that she'd fallen asleep until she began running her fingers through my pubic hair. "You've gotten a little furry since I last took care of this. It's time for a grooming update." I remembered the pain of the waxing she'd subjected me to shortly after I'd gotten hurt. The purpose was to make it easier for her to keep me clean, but I'd also immediately appreciated the pleasure of having completely bare skin around my cock and balls. "It will be the first thing that Marlene and I attend to when she wakes up tomorrow." I froze. It was one thing to have Samantha's friend help with my personal needs, even the intimacy of toileting. But to expose myself to her while I suffered through a genital waxing was completely different. "It will be so much easier with two of us doing it." Samantha ran her fingers over my sack and down my perineum. She pushed between my butt cheeks. "Especially here. Having an extra set of hands to get you completely clean back here will be really nice. We'll get you perfectly smooth." Her finger pressed at the edge of my pucker. "That will be so nice." I remembered the bed conversation that the two of them had one morning when I pretended to be asleep. At Marlene's urging, Samantha had told her how she'd enjoyed pegging me, how we'd both enjoyed it. It was a phenomenally intimate and intense act that we'd done only a few times and I never imagined doing it with anyone else. Marlene had asked Samantha if she could try it with me and my wife had given her approval. I knew that Samantha's plan to make sure that I had full Brazilian wax was likely a lead-in to my being pegged by her friend. I caught my breath. "I want to go everywhere," Samantha repeated as she stroked the sensitive nerves at the edge of my entrance. "I want us all to go together." Samantha had the weekend off so we slept late the next morning and sunlight was streaming in through the window when we opened our eyes. Her phone chimed indicating an incoming text. "Looks like Marlene had a busy night. She's going to the gym before coming home. She'll probably go right to bed after that." "Makes sense to me." "Want some breakfast?" I stretched as much as my contracted arms allowed and nodded. "Good," Samantha said and rolled onto her back spreading her legs wide. "Have your fill." I slid down the bed and positioned myself between her thighs. "Mmmm. Thank you." I swiped my tongue up the length of her already engorged labia. Samantha shuddered. "Breakfast in bed. The absolute best." For the next half-hour I showered my wife with oral pleasure and was rewarded with her explosive orgasm. After recovering, Samantha propping herself onto her elbows and announced, "Now I'm hungry." My heart sped up anticipating of one of her incredible blowjobs. She leaned over and gave me a kiss cleaning up the dribbles of cum she'd left there. "I want eggs and bacon and toast, medium browned with butter." She climbed off the bed. "And coffee, lots of coffee." The shower roared to life and I'm sure I heard her laugh at how she'd teased me. She stuck her head out from the curtain. Water dripped down her tawny skin. "I promise you'll get yours later." I headed downstairs to begin gathering what we needed for breakfast. Samantha arrived about twenty minutes later, with damp hair, but fully dressed and holding one of my tee-shirts. It had taken me all that time just to gather the breakfast food. "Now that you don't have the casts you can wear a regular tee-shirt instead of a tank-top at least. I don't think you're ready to manage pants yet, so you're still bottomless. Awwww ... not!" She helped me pull the shirt over my head. "I kind of like seeing you around the house like this anyway," she gripped my soft penis. "And I'm in no rush to change that." Samantha brewed two cups of coffee, popped a straw in mine as usual so that I could drink it hands free, and began making breakfast. I was able to help a little bit, not much, but more than I had been able to with the casts on. Marlene came in as we were cleaning up the dishes. She was dressed in a gym outfit that showed off her taut, muscular frame. Slightly sweaty and a little disheveled, she looked fantastic. "I'm going to grab a quick shower, then hit the sack," Marlene gulped down a glass of water and a piece of leftover toast. With her mouth full she mumbled something about seeing us both later. She eyed my naked crotch, and clearly said, "All of you." Then she disappeared upstairs. Samantha and I filled the rest of the day doing small chores and chatting. At about three-o'clock she announced that she was going out to run an errand and go to the grocery store. "I'll be back before too long. Enjoy yourself," she hesitated and added, "Well don't enjoy yourself too much. That's for me and Marlene." Her laughter echoed from behind the front door as she headed out. It was after five before she returned home with her arms full of shopping bags. Some were plain brown paper and others were obviously from the grocery store. Before I could peer into any of them, Samantha swooped away the paper ones and took them upstairs. Back in the kitchen she announced, "Marlene's up and is coming down in a minute. You up for martinis?" "I'm always up for martinis." "Good. Get out the gin. Can you reach the glasses?" Samantha rummaged in the grocery bags. "I got it," I said determined to do my part even with limited arm mobility. It took longer than it should, but I got everything together by the time that Marlene came downstairs. "Hey guys," she said. "How's it going?" "Just getting drinks and dinner together. Martini good with you?" "Of course." Marlene stood at the counter next to me. "Can I help?" "If you want a drink tonight, the answer is yes," I said. Both women laughed. Marlene reached for the bottle of gin and the shaker. "All in good time Dan. When does your therapy start?" "The first visit is Monday. The therapist is coming here. I think it will just be an evaluation and sometime after that we'll actually do the work." "I wouldn't count on that," Marlene filled three glasses with ice, pre-chilling them and poured a generous helping of gin into the shaker. "From what I've heard they start working you right away. The sooner you get going, the sooner you get better." She combined the ice and liquor with a small touch of vermouth. "Sounds good to me. Bring it on. I'm ready to use my arms and hands again." Marlene swirled the shaker then decanted the liquid into the icy glasses. She put a short straw into mine since I still couldn't raise the glass to my lips. "We'd like that too. But rest assured that you've made very good use of your other, shall we say, assets." Samantha raised her glass in toast, "Yes indeed." We all took a long sip of our drinks. "Speaking of your assets," Samantha began. "I believe that you have a date with your groomers." I felt the blood drain from my face. The women ignored my obvious discomfort. "It's on my calendar," Marlene said. "Did you get everything ready?" Samantha asked. "Out and set up. " "I suggest a thorough washing first. Maybe a little trim up top, then onto the main affair." "Perfect. We can eat dinner after, let Dan have a little recovery time, and then maybe dessert?" "My thoughts exactly," Samantha concluded, and finished off her drink at the same time Marlene did. "Shall we?" I clearly had little input on the plan that the women had obviously already worked out. I quickly sucked down the last bit of my martini. My wife led the three of us up to our bathroom. For the first time in months I was able to step into the shower without wrapping my casted arms in plastic. That one simple change was glorious. Hot water poured down washing away layers of dead skin on my arms and bringing blood into the weakened muscles. It felt better than I could have imagined. "Let's get you cleaned up," my wife said standing next to me and Marlene in the shower. "Mar you take the top, I'll get the bottom." Samantha began soaping my stomach and groin while her friend doused my hair. I closed my eyes and stood still while they lathered me from top to bottom. Samantha paid special attention to slathering my cock and balls until I was at full mast. When she shifted to sliding her soapy fingers back and forth deep between my butt cheeks, I knew that her previously voiced intentions were inevitable. "I want all of us to go everywhere," I heard her voice echo in my head. "I think that looks good," Samantha said rinsing me off. "I think that looks excellent," Marlene said and gripped my throbbing cock. The ladies dried me, then toweled themselves. I watched as they completed their post shower routine, combing their hair, coating their skin in lotion, and finishing off with a hint of perfume. Their naked, lithe bodies bending, twisting, toned muscles flexing, breasts swaying, eyes dancing with light. Each woman touching the other as often as herself, helping attend to a hard to reach place. It was like a sensual ballet. What made it special was their perfect, relaxed ease with each other. My entire body throbbed with arousal. Samantha pulled a worn towel from the cabinet. "Let's get you all fixed up Dan." She led the way into the bedroom and spread the towel on the bed. "Please assume the position." I laid down on the towel. Marlene stirred the warmer of hot wax sitting on the bedside table. Samantha pulled at the pubic hair above my still rigid cock and reached for the shears. "We'll start by getting this cut back. Help me out Mar." Marlene gripped my hardon and moved it out of the way while my wife quickly trimmed down the wiry pubic hair. "I like having some here." The scissors snipped away. "Getting rid of it all would look weird. But I don't want it up my nose, or stuck between my teeth." She brushed away the loose hair and made a few more passes. "What do you think?" With one hand Marlene ran her fingers through the patch of now short hair at my groin, while keeping her other hand wrapped around my shaft. "I like that. What do you think Dan?"




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