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Hi, I am Moshe Peay

, - Member since Dec, 2019

We talked about his interest in wearing woman's panties, something that had started early in his life. I felt compelled to share that I too had an interest and that from time to time I had borrowed a pair of my wife's panties and worn them, a wonderful secret that I found to be quite a turn on. We quickly grew comfortable talking about the eroticism associated with wearing soft feminine undergarments, and I lamented the fact that it took so much coaxing to get my wife to put something especially sexy on.

And then I asked him point blank, if he was wearing panties under his jeans. He smiled and responded that, indeed, he was It seemed like many seconds passed before he resumed the conversation and asked if I would like to see them. I sensed that once again he felt as though he had gone out on a limb. He was not sure how I would react. Would I thank him for the tea and make an excuse to quickly leave or would I accept his offer to see what was hidden underneath his jeans? I smiled and told him that I would be delighted to see them.

It was immediately apparent that he was grateful to hear that. He was glad that instead of being a conversation killer, it was confirming. Not only did I tell him that I would enjoy seeing his panties. but I was telling him that it was perfectly ok for him to share intimate thoughts, that I was interested, that I found it worth it to pursue this friendship, knowing that we might quickly open ourselves to vulnerable positions in which we shared details about our sexual fantasies. And that was ok.

It was obvious that he was pleased that I was interested in seeing his panties. He got up from his chair and slowly, but deliberately, began to unbutton his jeans and then he pulled down his zipper. He was standing just a few feet from where I was sitting. It dawned on me that I was finding this experience to be very exciting. I was intensely interested to see his choice of panties. I wondered if they would be soft and feminine and sexy, or more like the utilitarian ones that my wife typically wore. I wondered if he would be aroused, if I would see the outline of his cock through the material. I wondered how big he was. We had just met an hour ago, and here I was sitting in this fellow's small kitchen, sharing a cup of tea , and watching him undress in front of me, questions zipping through my mind.

He dropped his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them, and then he lifted his shirt tails so that I could appreciate the pair of panties that he had selected earlier in the morning. I was both thrilled and pleased to see that he had chosen a very feminine pair of panties, lilac colored and trimmed in lace, a soft, silky material.

There was no doubt that this experience had aroused him. The full outline of his hard cock was evident behind the material. In fact, it appeared that the tip was just beginning to peek out from underneath the waistband. I told him that I loved his panties, that he looked sexy in them. He took two steps closer and now stood just a few inches from where I was sitting. I asked if I could feel them. He nodded, obviously comfortable with my question. Tentatively, I reached out and felt the material, placing my hand on his hip. Of course, I wanted to be much more bold and to caress his cock through them, but I did not have the courage to do that initially. I began moving my hand on small circles, reaching farther back behind him, until soon I was cupping his ass. I told him how wonderful his panties felt.




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