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  • Polyols & Polymers Pvt.ltd.

    +91 9169691616
    C-1/58-59, 100 Shed Area, GIDC, Basildon

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Hi, we are Polyols & Polymers Pvt.ltd.

Basildon, Essex - Member since 07 May, 2019

Established in the year 1989, Polyols & Polymers have come a long way offering wide range of synthetic resins including Ketonic Resins/Polyketone Resin, Aromatic Aliphatic Ketone Resin, Aldehyde Resin, Heat Reactive Alkyl Phenol Resins, Butyl Curing Alkyl Phenol Resins, Phenolic Resin-Tackifier, Phenolic Resin-Thermoplastic, Phenolic Formaldehyde Resin-Novolak, Modified Phenolic Resin & Modified Resin Ester, Maleic Resins, Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin, Non Reactive Polyamide Resin to the customers. The company’s founder, Mr. Prabir Kumar Dutt, had envisioned of establishing a technology-based organization and taking immense pride to be a pioneer in Ketonic resins manufacturing in the subcontinent. The company has experience in handling a wide variety of chemistries for a large industrial base successfully.

The company has its registered office in Vapi, Gujarat. This was also the place for Polyols & Polymers’ first manufacturing plant due to the strategic location which this city offers. The city is in proximity to the raw material resources and also provides easy access to both domestic as well as international customers. The company has also decided to expand its branch into a new city at Dahej, Gujarat by setting up a plant.

The company boasts of a state of the art manufacturing facilities with added benefits of having excellent connectivity and uninterrupted stable power with sufficient backup. It also has a testing laboratory which makes sure that the products, which are being manufactured at the firm facilities, are as per the set quality standards. The environment conditions, health, and safety management happen to be the utmost priority of the company. In order to achieve that, proper procedures and practices are carried out to ensure the proper health of employees, community and to keep the environment clean. In the near future, the company is looking forward to developing the product range into more environment-friendly technologies.

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