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Hi, I am Porfirio Lapsley

, - Member since Apr, 2020

He raised an eyebrow at me. I flushed even redder and managed to look away so that I could actually turn the dammed thing on. Refusing to lose it all over again. I focused on my screen. Bringing up our standard contract details. "Anything in particular you wanted to see?" I asked with some semblance of professionalism. "Everything. I want to see all that you have." He replied and I was sure he wasn't just talking about the contracts. Something in his voice told me he was thinking of me naked and on all fours. Ass in the air with my pussy on display. "Got it... everything  lets try anal movies ." I said. My voice a bit squeaky as I stole a sideways look up at him. My long hair helping to hide part of my face as I did so. His hand went to the small of my back. "Shall we?" he said as he guided me away from the bar. I nodded. Brushing a lock of my hair back behind my right ear nervously as I felt his hand on me. Controlling me. Guiding me towards the exit. We passed several sofa's and armchairs. Walked across the foyer. My heels clicked on the flooring as we passed reception and reached the lifts. "I thought we were going to sit down?" I managed to say but didn't stop or object when he guided me into the elevator. "What floor are you on?" was his reply. Making no secret of the fact he wanted to take me to my room. His had sliding lower, dropping from the small of my back to cup and then knead my bum. "Three. Room 314." I replied without hesitation. Totally under his spell while also hoping Tiffany was already waiting. Not thinking nor wanting to object to his hand on my buttocks. "Are you obedient?" he asked casually as he continued to play with my buttocks through the material of my skirt and knickers. Pressing a little harder with two fingers so that they ran between my cheeks. I didn't want to say yes. It would imply he could do what he wanted with me, yet my slight involuntary nod came from years of being Tiffany's pet. He smiled as he removed his hand from my bum and moved to stand in front of me. Looking down at me as he started to unbutton my blouse. "No. hands by your sides." He scolded mildly when I moved to stop him. My hands dropped away. Instinctively I was doing as he commanded. His smile didn't get any bigger, but he gave me a small nod of approval as he continued to unbutton me. Reaching the last button just as the lift dinged and the doors started to slide open. "Lovely." He declared. "Much better." He said softly as he pulled open my blouse and exposed my large breasts in their lacy bra. I felt my face flush all over again. Thankfully there wasn't anyone walking down the corridor. I'm not an exhibitionist by nature and here I was. Being guided down a well-lit corridor with my blouse wide open. Already. John had me out of my comfort zone and I found myself both liking it and wanting to cover myself at the same time. The walk to the room I was sharing with Tiffany wasn't far. But in my slightly undressed state, it felt so much longer. I tried to hurry. John held me at a sedate pace. His hand firmly holding my elbow. "No rush." He said with that same smile playing on his lips. His eyes going from my barely covered tits to room numbers until he stopped me at my door. "314. Key please." He said. Holding out his hand and making me stand in the middle of the hallway while I fished in my handbag for the keycard. ***** The rooms lights came on as he pushed the card into the slot by the door. I had to wait in the corridor until he moved to the side and motioned me in. Walking past him and into our room was a relief. I blew out a breath I hadn't realized I was holding and then gave a small yelp as he slapped my bum. "That was fun." He chortled as he walked to the small fridge and helped himself to a whisky from the mini bar. I was turned on and fuming at the same time. It had been different for sure but not as much fun for me as it was for him. Only the sight of Tiffy's knickers on the closet door handle calmed me down. Letting me know she was inside and watching. "Would you like to go over the contract?" I asked. My slight anger at him letting me focus on work instead of his domineering presence for a few seconds. He sat in the only chair and looked me in the eyes. Making me feel weak all over again. "No point. I don't sign those things, I'm the one that recommends your company to others... a ... a matchmaker of sorts if you like." He replied and gestured with both hands. Bringing them together and interlacing his fingers. "Oh." My mouth opened in surprise and I guessed that Tiffany knew that about him. If I had been listening to her conversation instead of being a total airhead, I might have picked up that fact. "Now. I think business is over. How about you take off your clothes... nice and slow." He said. His eyes practically glowing and his slightly amused smile back. I have always been a sucker for strong willed men and women. I love being dominated and he was doing it with ease. To me. This was also my playground and familiar. I let a smile form on my own lips. "Like this?" I asked coyly as I slowly pealed off my blouse and let it fall for my fingertips to pool on the floor in a soft rustle of material. John nodded. "Exactly like that." He murmured in appreciation. I did a slow turn until my back was to him. I looked over my shoulder and licked my lips in a wantonly sexual way as I unzipped my pencil skirt. For the first time. John's smile widened as I wiggled my hips and made a real show of taking off my skirt. Bending at the waist to give him a good view of my bum. Clad in lacy knickers that didn't hide my shaved pussy lips much. I'm slim and have good legs and a small bum. My thigh gap is obvious, he got a perfect eyeful of my barely hidden pussy as I stepped out of my skirt. I stood and turned to him. Letting him see my front. My large pale tits cupped by a mostly transparent bra that was delicately patterned. My neatly trimmed triangle of reddish gold pubes behind sheer knickers. All was displayed as I swayed my hips from side to side and bit my lower lip in anticipation of him loosing control and throwing me onto the bed. John shook his head and wagged his finger. "Oh no you little minx. Take off the rest." He laughed out. Seeing through my intent. I pouted a bit as I reached behind me to undo my bra. Yet, I was secretly pleased that he was still in control. He watched attentively as I shyly coved my tits with an arm. Teasing him a bit as I dropped my bra next to my skirt and blouse. Not letting him see my bare breasts for a second. He nodded and smiled at my antics. Not objecting when I turned my back, my large tits were hidden from his gaze as I hooked my thumbs into my knickers. Wiggling my hips teasingly as I slid them down enough to show my bum but not my pussy. He chortled to himself. Knowing he would have to give me an order. "Take them off." He said. A slight throatiness to his tone. Letting me know I was getting to him. I looked over my shoulder at him with wide eyed innocence. A look I had perfected and knew dominate men like him liked. "All the way off?" I asked as if I had never stripped for anyone before. John let out a throaty growl as he stood and stalked over to me. Grabbing a fist full of my hair. He made me stand upright on tiptoes as he turned me to face him. I gasped in pain and pleasure. My eyes sparkled with it and I couldn't help the small smile of victory that I made. Getting him to come to me was a win. "You. You are a bad girl." He said as he used his free hand to grab hold of the front of my knickers. With one hard jerk. He tore them off and threw them aside. I yelped again. This time in surprise at the show of power and strength. Leaving me in just my stockings, suspender belt and heels. "Time for you to learn your place." He continued and forced me to my knees as he unbuckled. His hand twisted in my hair painfully as he unzipped and pulled out his meat  adultcam69. A thick and girthy cock greeted my face as he pushed it to my lips. "Open." He commanded. My mouth opened immediately. Hungry to taste it while my mind was also in a frenzy to do as I was told. Obediently, I let him shove the tip of his dick into my mouth. It tasted wonderful but stretched my small mouth wide. His cock was so thick and its head very large for a small person like me to take. I'm petite. Only my tits are large. The rest of me is small and delicate. So, when he forced more of it into my mouth I gaged almost right away. I can deepthroat if left to my own pace. This wasn't my pace as he shoved more and more into me. I couldn't take anymore. My tummy was clenching up and I was about to vomit. I had to tap his thighs rapidly in submission. John made me wait almost too long before pulling back and letting me off his thick cock. I retched and coughed. Spluttering uncontrollably for a few seconds as I tried to catch my breath. "Spit on it. That will make it easier for you." He commanded. His tone holding some care. Enough to let me know he wasn't going to hurt me too much. Doing as I was told. I spat twice and then used my hand to slather his bulbus head and shaft with my spittle. Looking up at him while I did. Searching his face for some sign I was doing it right. "Open that pretty mouth." He ordered as he pushed the head to my lips while I was looking up at him. Seeing the pleasure on his face as I did as I was told turned me on even more. Obediently, I opened wide and took him into the warmth of my mouth. He went slower this time. Working me up and down his cock until it hit my gag reflex. When I heaved, he pulled me back before doing it again. Slowly letting me get used to it until I was able to get it down my throat for a moment without vomiting. He undressed as he worked me. Readying himself for action. "mmmm... good girl." He murmured out as he started to go faster. Now holding my head still as he face fucked me. Using my mouth and throat at will. Making me cough and splutter around his shaft a bit but not enough that I had to stop him. It was uncomfortable, slightly out of the zone I usually let a man use me. But I was loving it at the same time and let him continue. After a few minutes he pulled out fully and let me cough and gather my breath. I spat on the carpet a few times. Not caring if I was making a mess. My tummy was still rebelling as he used my hair to lift me up a bit. Guiding me to the bed. "Face down. Ass up." He ordered once I had climbed up onto the bed. I did as I was told. Putting my head into the clean and lightly starched pillow as I knelt with my bum in the air. Knowing full well how slutty I looked. In my stockings and suspender belt. My heels still on, I knew I was the very picture of a slut about to be taken. I felt nicely humiliated and used as he slid the tip of his cock up and down my soaking wet cunt lips. I was more than ready to be fucked. John pushed with his hips while holding my buttocks with both hands. I gasped softly as the head of his cock parted my pussy lips. The sensation thrilling. I had forgotten how good it felt to feel a real cock spread my pussy. The dildo's and strap-on that Tiffany and I used didn't feel quite the same as human flesh sliding into me. The head of his cock opened me up and then his thick shaft started to slide in. "Mmmmm." I moaned out into the pillow; the sound muffled but audible. As his shaft stretched my pussy wider and he began to fill my small body with his cock. "Yes. You like that don't you!" he grunted out. It wasn't a question and we both knew it. His cock felt so good, it slid deeper until his hips were pressed against my backside. His whole manhood was inside me. Stretching me, filling me and making me pant with the need for him to start really fucking me. I tried to buck my hips and make him shag me the way I wanted. His right hand slid under me. Quick as a snake, he ran it over my belly and down to my soft pubic hair. Grabbing my pubes in a tight grip that was more than just a little painful. Forcing me to remain locked in place as he ground against me. Rotating his cock inside me as if to explore my insides. I mewled in need and gave in. "Please. Please fuck me." I begged. "No. you like this too much. Offer me MORE." He panted. His voice hoarse with his own desire to do as I asked. "Anything. I'll do anything." I myself moaned out. My need overpowering any sense of decency. "Your cunt is nice. But I want your ASS." He told me. It was a nasty way to ask for anal. Making me hot as I was and then saying he wanted my bum hole. I was losing this battle badly. "Take it." I moaned. "Take my ass." I confirmed in a whiny voice. Begging for him to fuck at least one of my holes. Submitting fully to his authority. The hand that had been holding my left buttock ran up my spine. I felt the roughness of his fingertips as he did. So very different to my lovers. Her hands were soft even when she played rough. "I think I'll make you beg for my cock in your ass." He said with a chortle as he wrapped a fistful of my hair in his meaty paw once more. Making me arch my back while holding my pussy and ass in place with the painful grip on my pubes. Lifting my head free of the pillow. Forcing me into a truly uncomfortable position. Back arched and head up. My boobs swinging under me. My pussy filled and controlled by his hand and cock. "Ahhh... owwwwww." I yelped in distress. "beg." He commanded. Ignoring my yelps as he roughly bucked his hips twice. Letting me know he was in control and ready to really fuck me hard. The rough treatment made me wetter than ever. His two slams into me made me gasp in both pain and pleasure. It was almost cruel. If I hadn't been feeling so turned on, I would have said it was bordering on abuse. He pulled out of me to his tip. I whimpered in need. Then he thrust into me so fast and hard that I had to expel my breath in an explosive gasp. "Unnngg.. ooofff... Unggggg." Was forced from my mouth as he slammed into me again and again. Making my tight pussy feel like it was being invaded by a monster. He kept going. The sound of his flesh slapping against mine filled the room. My grunts and yelps, his panting and that sound melded as he got me so close to cumming that the whole world seemed to spin. My vagina hadn't had a fucking like it since I was in America. I felt the tremors build inside me. That electric feeling of almost orgasming. He stopped just as I was about to cum. Pulling out of me. Holding me down on the bed as my hips bucked without him inside me. My body wanting more of what he had just done. "Noooo... Please." I panted out breathlessly. His own breathing was hard. I could hear it clearly. "Beg, more begging." He growled out between gulps of air. I knew what he wanted. He had already told me. Any pride I had was washed away as I looked over my shoulder and truly begged. "Fuck my bumhole. Please. Please... fuck me in my ass." I said. Like it was the only thing I could ever wish for. Right then. It was. John smiled in victory. "As you wish." He said. His tone elated with my total submission. I wriggled like a happy puppy as he pushed the head of his cock to my tight button. Already anticipating the feel of his cock in me once more. Not caring that it would be in the wrong hole. Wrong for some, but not for me or John. Once upon a time. I had worn a butt plug daily. I still had that sapphire tipped plug at home. Tiffany had made me wear it to work and never let me take it out. Obviously except for the usual exemptions. So, I thought I was well used to anal. Forgetting that it had been almost two years since anything had been up there. John ran a thumb over my taboo hole. Pressing a bit. "Tight." He murmured in a pleased way. I winced as his thumb pushed into me. It was then I realized it had been a while. I tried to pull away. Thinking I should explain that I hadn't had anything in my rear for some time. He held me in place. "Wait." I cried out and then gulped a breath as his thumb pushed in. My cry turned into a yelp. His digit invaded me in a slow but insistent way. Making me wince while gulping breath. "Oh, Oh... owww.. Ohhhhh." I gasped and panted out as he pushed deeper. The sensation unpleasant while also being a dirty turn on. "No.. No.. I haven't done that...OWWWWWW.. for a while." I managed to say between yelps of distress and a few sounds that were clearly of pleasure. John kept his thumb where it was. Just deep enough for me to feel only a bit uncomfortable. He leaned over me. Covering me with his muscular frame until he was cupping my chin and turning it. Cock inside my pussy. Thumb buried to the knuckle in my bum hole. He kissed my cheek and then whispered into my ear. "I'll stop if it's too much... just ask." He said and then gently kissed my cheek again. God no. I wasn't about to say I couldn't. Even when I was feeling like just his thumb was an invasion. "Slow. Go slow please." I managed to say. Wanting it in my ass while hating myself for wanting him to do me like that. All my desires seemed to conflict. He changed. Almost like he cared. "I really don't want to hurt you... much." He groaned out while continuing to press deeper into my bum hole and still nibble my cheek. I almost gave up. Almost said stop. "I'm at my limit." I panted out instead of telling him no. "No. no you're not. You can take it." He said with affection. I whimpered and bit my lip. I wanted to do it, yet it had been too long, I knew it would hurt. "Please." I whispered. Not knowing if I was asking him to do it or stop. My mind so confused. Pain and pleasure were always a mix for me. It had been like that since I gave my virginity. John nuzzled my neck gently. Kissing my jaw line while he positioned his cock. "gentle." I managed to say as his bulbous head pushed against my button. "For now." He promised. As he rose up from covering my back with torso. He spat and lubricated his cock. Spat again, directly on bum hole and the head of his pressing cock. Using his cock's head to push some of his spittle into me. "Oh.. Oh... ummmm... ahhhh." I gasped out as I felt his head push. "unnnggg." I grabbed the pillow and buried my face into it. Biting down on it as my tight bum hole was penetrated. The sensation of his head widening my tight hole was good while being painful. I tried my best to relax my muscles the way I knew would help. I was out of practice though and couldn't do much to help ease his way. John spat twice more. Each time getting more of his head into me until I felt myself take it in with a slight popping sensation. My hole filled with his head, my outer muscles closing tight around his shaft. I could feel the slickness of his sputum around his thick shaft. He dribbled more saliva onto my anus as he started to move very slowly. It felt so dirty and sexy. Having my ass filled and used. Lubricated with spit. I clutched fistfuls of the bedsheets and breathed rapid gasping breaths. He worked himself deeper and deeper. Slowly, inch by inch I was being filled with his cock until I felt his balls touch my sticky wet pussy lips. John sighed in pleasure once he had his whole length inside me. Balls tap, tap, tapping against my dripping cunt as he rocked back and forth without actually pulling out in any way. Our bodies joined together. My breasts swayed beneath me, hard erect nipples brushing the fabric of the bed sheets as he rocked our bodies. I felt elated to have managed to take it all inside me. There had been a time when it would have been much easier. Somehow, it felt like more of an achievement from having been so difficult and painful.




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