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Octofrost - IQF equipment for seafood

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Fisherman Clarence Birdseye has noticed that fish, when frozen quickly under exceptionally low temperatures, had an excellent quality to it once unfrozen. Recognized by many as the father of the modern flash-freezing industry, we don’t need to look far from these early beginnings to recognize many opportunities for IQF to achieve similarly impressive results. After all, IQF seafood is all the rage these days.

Combining a mixture of high-processing power, exceptionally designed, and individually attuned equipment, Octofrost has created the ultimate IQF equipment for seafood. With multiple temperature chambers, none of the shrimp will be under-or overcooked. We focused the freezing process on speed, guaranteeing that the product is one of premium quality. All the organically created nutrients and minerals that are part of the seafood are well preserved, as the freezing process protects against outside effects.

The high yield ensures that the equipment won’t limit you during production, and the industry-leading hygiene standards keep you ahead of the curve.




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Posted: 02 Feb '22
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