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Fine 18K Gold Plated Jewelry Set With Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone

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  Wearing Jewelry is slowly & very firmly becoming a trend for the young population in the USA, today the youth in the USA is inspired by the Hollywood celebrities & top fashion models that have always been on the red carpet wearing designer clothes, designer jewellery, classy shoes & unique hairstyles.


These social influencers influence the fashion & daily wear of the modern youth in the USA.18K gold jewellery has been trending among youth fashion for the past decade & is gaining more popularity yearly.  Gold is a precious metal & its value is high, using gold jewellery as a fashion material the youth can look stylish & give themselves a unique look.


 Well if you’re looking for some quality 18k gold-filled jewellery wholesale provider in the USA then Nisso & Co are the best 18k gold filled jewelry wholesale provider based in NYC that provides a wide range of silver, gold & brass jewellery at wholesale prices. Nisso & Co are one of the rare sterling silver CZ earrings wholesale providers in the USA.


 18K Gold Plated Jewelry Set With Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone today is the main topic of our interest. Gold lapis lazuli natural stone jewellery is becoming a trending jewellery type in the USA, let’s discuss some of the top Lapis Lazuli jewellery types available in the market.


 Top 5 Lapis Lazuli Stone Jewelry


 The Lapis Lazuli Stone is a soft blue colour stone that is used in jewellery making, mostly the stone was used in jewellery designs in the Persian empire. The stone when combined with gold helps carve out one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery in the world. Today we discuss the top 5, gold Lapis Lazuli jewellery that you can buy today.

Lapis Lazuli Rings:


Gold rings which are studded with Lapis Lazuli blue stone are one of the prettiest & royal looking jewellery types you can own. A round Lapiz Lazuli gold ring of 18k pure gold is long-lasting, glamorous & very pleasing to the eyes. You can find a number of Lapiz Lazuli gold designer rings in the market, it’s best suited if you want to give yourself a unique royal look.


Round Lapis Lazuli Earrings:


Earrings are a women’s vanity, women in the USA love to stud themselves with designer earrings, round earring & fancy earrings. What can be more fulfilling to the female vanity than a round lais lazuli gold earring? As Lapis Lazuli is a blue stone that has a certain aura of glamour, when it’s paired with gold it looks absolutely stunning. A pair of gold earrings studded with Lapis Lazuli is a desire-fulfilling piece of jewellery for a woman.


Designer Lapise Lazuli Gold Neklaces


Necklaces made of Lapise Lazuli are mostly designer ones. These designer necklaces are often heavy ones with thick gold linings, or you can buy a thin lining gold necklace which consists of a Lazpise Lazuli stone. This necklace type is highly attractive & very pleasing to look at, wearing such a necklace helps you grab attention & stand out from the crowd.


Gold Bracelets Studded With Lapise Lazuli


Bracelets made of gold are the choice of the wealthy, & what’s wealthier looking than a bracelet of pure 18k gold studded with stones of Lapise Lazuli? This jewellery type is expensive but is a full value for your money as gold bracelets studded with blue Lapise Lazuli stone is a sign of the alpha.


Wedding & Engagement Rings


Last but certainly not least are wedding & engagement rings made of pure gold & studded with a blue Lapise Lazuli stone. This can be a perfect gift to your spouse on this special day. Jewellery & rings made of Lapise Lazuli stone & gold are long lasting & can last for many decades to come.


Best Jewellery Wholesale In The USA

Nisso & Co are the best 18k gold Platted  jewellery wholesale provider based in NYC. Having been successfully operating in the USA jewellery market for the past 3 decades, Nisso & Co are a well-reputed jewellery wholesale provider for retailers & customers.

Nisso & Co also provides silver necklaces online for shopping & also designer 18k gold jewellery studded with Lapis Lazuli stone. So what are you waiting for, connect to Nisso & Co today for the best jewellery in the USA or visit our store in NYC today.

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