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DHA Manufacturer supply CAS 96-26-4 1 3-Dihydroxyacetone 8619930505014

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Wickr Me: kathywang

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CAS 96-26-4 DHA Research progress on the production of DHA / 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone / Dihydroxyacetone:

CAS 96-26-4 1,3-dihydroxyaeetone or dihydroxyacetone, abbreviated as DHA, is the simplest three-carbon ketose, which is white or off-white powder crystal with a sweet and cool taste, and is easily hygroscopic and decomposed. In general, it is the crystallization of dimer (1,4-Dioxane), which can be slowly dissolved in 1 part of water or 15 parts of ethanol, slightly soluble in ether, but becomes a monomer after being dissolved or heated. It is easily soluble in organic solvents such as water, ethanol, acetone and ether. The melting point is 75~80℃, the water solubility is >250g·L-1 (20℃), and it is stable at pH 6.0. It is an important chemical and biochemical raw material. , pharmaceutical, pesticide synthesis intermediates and multifunctional food additives, which are widely used. There are few domestic reports about DHA, and its production is still blank, while foreign DHA has been widely used in practice. Since Butlerow first reported in 1861 that formaldehyde can generate saccharides and their homologues in the presence of alkali (also known as glycan reaction), people have been continuously exploring to improve the selectivity of the target product, but the research progress has been slow. Niitsu et al. used Ca(OH)2 as a catalyst for the glycan reaction of aqueous formaldehyde solution, and found that the products were mainly C2~C7 linear sugars and branched sugars, with as many as 47 components, and the reaction solution was a kind of The pasty syrup cannot be separated and purified by ordinary methods, so it has no industrial application value. This is mainly because early research was basically limited to the use of inorganic bases as catalysts and formaldehyde solution as raw materials, resulting in an increase in side reactions, such as aldol condensation of formaldehyde in the early stage of the reaction to form glycolaldehyde; sugar molecules or sugar molecules) Radical rearrangement reversible reactions, etc., the selectivity of DHA is less than 10%.

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