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Service Cost: £200,000.00


Greater London, London

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Bank does not require any cash deposit to run daily operations


Entire stock of shops goods and service (locally and internationally)  landlord ownership such as houses, flat, commerical building, factory unit, Bond, Shares and other estoric of business owners are asset to bank and are monitized immediately to the account holder operation through transaction digitally with point of sale contact in near field communication



This is a banking project using 1G,2G, 3G, 4G, 5G


Business valuation based on volume of transactions traded per day which is $7 trillion of relation  10^18 power in  foreign exchange from Belgium headquartered institutions Society for worldwide international financial telecommunication. That brings to yearly turnover (365Day*7 trillion)of US$2555 trillion


Has its own independent clearing house and maintains general ledger


In Britain there are 4 clearance bank as per banker automated clearing house


Britain uses SORT CODE & SWIFT CODE for banking transactions


Bank dominate passporting right and controls the visa  


In India as a country in whole there are 134 Bank license issued as of now from central Bank (69 schedule bank)(11 co operative bank)(54 rural urban bank) member being in Banking code standard board of India


India use IFS CODE for transaction as well as BI CODE for transaction


Passporting of 221 countries pledging  is asset in finance regulation service available to any nominated bank


Execution of backward integration are as follow in general were coding is written in c language with advanced and basic of C++ which will take 10,000 hours in manpower from my programmer for end time to bring first customer account opening


1. Program written for the bank which makes sure the system has its own database,


2. Real Time Gross Settlement Program written which makes sure bank can run in operation for transaction and exchange,


3. Near Field communication Program which makes sure bank as application and the upgradable version with slot starting from iOS8 & Android 9 Pie


4. Object hyperlinking program which makes it supports the system of the bank.


5. Storage Space Program which makes sure bank has application and registry at iCloud of system own server App


The entire system of the platform evolves around iOS3 version.


game changer inside the banking


The App which is created for the bank is not available and authenticated or accessible to Apple App & Google play store it is for download to my client only in the inside premises of the bank using Bank spectrum, through router once customer Pledges his IMEI number


Banking Asset are as follows:


IMEI Number of NFC based iOS8 to current iOS12 & Android 9 Pie version still dated are pledged by customer


Point of Sale terminal unit serial number, barcode Read/ Scan in business owner control pledging (shop bill counter)


Mac personalised computer Serial number pledged in home based or private usage terms for online transaction


Pledging of Passport from sovereign


•Family run independent bank looking for independent person looking into invest in: The new world order called Spectrum which is branded in term as SWIFT CODE



•Legacy of 88 Years over the history in banking


• Banking license  proves the center for Finance Capital


•Still English Currency Fix conducted & given to Global Financial Markets Ranking as a part of Banking system inorder for each Nation to trade with each other


• Business called by the name 666, based in London , New York ,Brussel , Basel and  in the form of SWIFT CODE


•Bank flow is based on OFCOM & International Electrotechnical commission


•Model called by the name Clearance Fintech Bank


• Banking model is based on Wave


• System Start at €200,000 in  ''so called'' English Capital


• The vision of the bank is to prevent cash flow physically outside in high street lending across no mans land where ATM cheques demand draft produces carbon footprint


• The aim is to create a game changer for a position in the global banking industry in the way the bank operates such as being designed to work on day to day operation.


• Innovative in banking is that technology preventing other usage of material in terms of usage


• Presented to business consumerism by the name called online banking, app banking, investment banking, asset banking, hedge fund


• The fixed asset of the bank will be the way it is designed to do banking in future


• The current asset of the bank will be the way in which nth number of consumer walk through ‘door in’


• The capital asset of the bank will be the consumer spending


• Ideas for banking is generally by default DNA hereditary banking Family (4th generation)


• Importance of vision is seen through the wallet of consumerism in terms of where mobile phones act the interface for payment


• Brand strategy – Entire funds deposited by the customer to the bank must be spent by phone app or online bank transfer


• Research for banking is generally based on the future of banking, on the way it is being desired, deserved, developed, designed, & planned


• Initial plan for banking is the current way ‘where’ customer spending is targeted in market segmentation on the way paying for consumerism has been designed for future cashless generation of banking


• Format of banking is touch, payment through an app only banking priority, others in online bank, invest bank, asset bank, hedge fund


• Reason for banking is to prevent zero tolerance in carbon fossil fuel and adapting to eco -friendly in climatic change


• Working towards cashless society (1 money in physical such as cash, cheques demand draft- money out digital 2 money in online- money out digital)


• Information based on cashless transaction worth €900 million in consumer spending (Range €20 to €30) in volume of 36 Million transaction with growth rate of 19.1%


• Recycling from the bank will be eco-friendly rating as zero waste is pumped out, since it prevent the usage of paper to print information prohibited using all the stationary goods used in normal day life


• Carbon footprint produced is reduced to the maximum in the activity the way ‘The Bank’ working activity is designed and planned


• It is a family owned business.


• Synergy & energy terms in business level over the banking creativity & innovation make it to the edge of London position of finance.


• The Bank charges will be based on the operation of authenticity cost & integrity cost at competitiveness


• Blue Print = Asset management, commercial banking,consumer banking, corporate banking, global banking, global wealth management, insurance ,investment banking, investment management, mortgage loans, private banking, retail banking, treasury and security services, ,wealth management , Hedge Fund Manager


• Banking is digital with People oriented information that comes through ‘’door in’’ that value of talking is recorded in information


Bank service available to 47,035 worldwide financial units instantly for transaction with 4 outlet from banker side location are as follows


Square mile in the city of London

Central Park at Manhattan in NewYork

La Hulpe at Brussels in Belgium

Basel at Switzerland


7 Employee in Each Office

Total = 28 Employee in 4 office


Currency fix conducted


Model called by digital touch custodian remittance clearance bank in wave


Consumerism of bank is online, Application, people oriented live data in information through walk in inside premise


Strategy of bank remittance deposited must be spent digitally


• Depositors/investor  who are willing in a position of depositing or investing money or cash €200,000 will get reasonable returns and bonus after the coding is finished from programmer side which takes 2years to complete with net profit and  interest do mail or call 00919895413911


Interested person must be willing to get visa (business/visitor/tourist) from Indian embassy at London. Then ready for meet up


Investor source of Return

1. Embezzlement Fund Fee (incase if any) Monetary value of different nationalities

2. Write off Asset (Gross Profit & Net Profit )

3. Write down Asset (Gross income & Net income )

4. Transaction Fees which is $1 transcript is 0.10 cent-0.30 cent (depends)

5. Transaction based fees in volume

6. Transaction per movement fees in time zone

7. Transaction cut fees based on country

8. Exchange fees

9. Exchange service fees

10. Exchange conversion fees

11. Exchange based fees

12. Currency fixing fees

13. Currency fixing service charge

14. Spending from client on need & want

15. One time Account charge

16. Account opening fees

17. Account maintenance fees

18. Annual maintenance fees

19. Annual maintenance service charge

20. Bank service charge

21. Bank fees

22. Passporting right charge

23. Passporting fee

24. App installation charge

25. App service charge

26. Buying in purchasing service

27. Liquidation of Sovereign bond and share

28. Conversion of bond shares into cash.


Banking units available country wise are given below


1. Germany - 5066 units

2. Italy - 4897 units

3. India - 3894 units

4. United States of America - 3058 units

5. United Kingdom - 3042 units

6. China - 2441 units

7. France - 2108 units

8. Taiwan - 1579 units

9. Switzerland - 1572 units

10. Turkey - 1290 units

11. Egypt - 1238 units

12. Austria - 935 units

13. Netherland - 931 units

14. Iran - 898 units

15. Vietnam - 668 units

16. Russia - 598 units

17. Luxembourg - 565 units

18. Spain - 488 units

19. Ireland - 483 units

20. Indonesia - 458 units


And the list keep on going till 220 countries

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