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What Is Gold-Filled Jewelry & How to Care for It

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 In modern times there has been an increase in demand for gold jewelry in the USA. The youth of the USA is more influenced by Hollywood celebrities, supermodels & fashionists, as these icons today stud themselves with gold-filled jewelry it’s likely that the youth imitate them.

The youth prefer wearing gold jewelry to look more fashionable. The modern population of the USA is deep in love with gold jewelry & continues to demand unique gold jewelry designs. The jewelry market in the USA today is filled with gold-jewelry designs.

One of the most trending gold jewelry standards in the USA market is the 18k gold-filled jewelry. It is a jewelry standard that has been in high demand, even though gold-filled jewelry is more expensive it is still dominating the USA market. If you are looking for a genuine 18k gold filled jewelry wholesale provider in the USA then Nisso & Co is the best 18k gold-filled wholesale provider based in NYC.




What is Gold-Filled Jewelry

Just like another gold standard, the term gold-filled is also a jewelry standard used for gold. Gold-filled jewelry consists of a thick fine layer of gold & is bounded by another metal or mostly by sterling silver, so it’s safe to say that gold-filled jewelry is an alloy of two metals. When compared to pure gold jewelry gold-filled jewelry is much more affordable & is widely available in the USA jewelry market. The gold-filled jewelry is a 100 times more stronger gold alloy of two metals this standard means the gold-filled jewelry is more likely to last longer and more resistant to external forces. The fact is if you keep your gold-filled jewelry safe or handle it with care, it would last with you for a lifetime & generations to come. So investing in 18k gold-filled jewelry can be a good option if you are looking for gold jewelry that is sustainable for a lifetime.

Taking Care Of Gold-Filled Jewelry

Well, now you know what gold-filled jewelry is & what are its standards and benefits. Now let’s turn our attention to some genuine pieces of advice on how can you take proper care of your gold-filled jewelry & from where can you buy good designer gold jewelry at competitive prices in the USA.

Store In Clean Dry Place

Golf-filled jewelry needs to be taken care of, yes it is more budget-friendly when compared to pure gold, but still valuable enough. The best suggestion can be to keep your gold-filled jewelry in a clean dry place. A place where it is away from dust, air, humidity, magnet & especially water. Storing your gold-filled jewelry in a clean & dry place simply means it will be more safe & last long.

Keep Away From Water

Water is the cause of all problems for every metal. Even though gold-filled jewelry is an alloy of two metals its very resistant to water, air, magnets & other external forces to a certain extent but just like every metal in the world, water can still cause your gold-filled jewelry to deteriorate.

Getting washed with a slight bit of water accidentally or just slight water spills can be no cause of worries but too much water exposure over a longer period of time can still cause damage.

Never use Gold-Filled Jewelry For Daily use

Gold-Filled Jewelry is glamorous, & also looks very attractive to the eyes. It is tempting to wear & many youth out there in the USA would like to wear their 18k gold-filled jewelry for daily use. But it is best to avoid such use of such expensive jewelry, wearing your gold-filled jewelry in the gym, for your college every day, in the swimming pool, or while playing basketball is a bad idea.

The sweat, water, and air can cause damage to your gold jewelry & in some people, it can also cause allergies & infections due to accommodation of bacteria due to sweat & dust. The best suit of advice here is that you can wear your gold-filled jewelry for occasions, weddings, parties, or just a weekend night out with friends. This scarce use will ensure the sustainability of your gold-filled jewelry over the long run.

Deep Clean Your Jewelry

Over time as your gold-filled jewelry ages, it is likely that dust might settle in little corners of your designer gold jewelry. What we suggest here is, that deep cleaning your jewelry can be a good way to keep your jewelry clean in a long run.

  1. Take a half bowl of warm water.
  2. Dip your gold-filled jewelry for at least 3 minutes in the warm water.
  3. Gently wipe off your gold-jewelry with water & let it dry.
  4. You can make use of soft cotton to wipe your gold-filled jewelry.
  5. Leave the jewelry overnight between soft cotton to dry.

This process will be the deep cleaning of your gold-filled jewelry & will make sure to wipe off all the bacteria, & dust present on the edges of your gold-filled jewelry.

Finding Best Gold-Jewelry Wholesale In USA

Nisso & Co are the leading 18k gold filled jewelry wholesale provider in NYC that provide wide range of gold-jewelry designs & customizations including various gold insurance services all under one roof.

Nisso & Co have been the best wholesale brand in the USA for the past 30 years & continue to have a wonderful reputation around USA. We provide best jewelry wholesale designs & we are also leading sterling silver cubic zirconia earrings wholesale provider in the entire USA.

Nisso & Co promise top quality jewelry to tis customers, & retailers, feel free to connect to us today for some genuine & convenient pricing 18k gold filled jewelry. You can check our online platform for some top jewelry designs & book your order, further you can freely visit our store in NYC today, so come be a part of Nisso & Co today as we are the best gold jewelry wholesale provider in USA.

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