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Dry granulation equipment simply refers to the automatic fertilizer making equipments adopt dry granulation technique. They are extensively utilized in all sorts of dry fertilization plants, and hence the dry fertilizer pellets have good quality and increased nutrient for better growing plants. These make for the best materials for plants that require low in nutrients and a good amount of water. In this case, these also help reduce the load on trees do get adequate water.

One of the most popular types of powder coating granulation equipment includes the double roller granulating machine. They use two different sized nozzles that permit water to be absorbed by the powder. Rapid Mixer Granulator works by introducing the granulated materials in a hopper and letting it run. The feed process does the mixing of the ingredients, which can be done at anytime. The dual roller extrusion granulating machine is similar to the double roller but it works with two nozzles.

The next type of Double Cone Blender uses to delicately blend and mix dry powders. It all contact parts are made from stainless steel.

The next type of dry powder granulation equipment uses vibrating nozzles. These are much similar to the vibrating machine used in soap making. However, they are only suitable for wet granulation materials and not for the dry powder ones.
The next type is the flat die granulator. This machine is the most popular type and is extremely helpful in the production of fertilizers. They are utilized in the production of rubber and plastic emulsions, as well as other materials. They work by exposing the ingredients to an acidic solution which corrodes the material. The resulting product is an extremely fine coating that is applied on the surface of the raw material. The flat die granulation equipment is very useful for creating high quality fertilizers.
One of the latest developments in the field of fertilizers is the p 1 fluid bed processor. This one pot processors work by the introduction of media into a container. The heated media is warmed up and is allowed to enter the containers. The heated fluid goes through a homogenizer to produce high shear granules.

The inlet air compressor works by supplying air to a homogenizer. As the product gets heated, the homogenizer contracts and helps the product to stick together. The inlet air compressor is the newest innovation and makes use of the oil-water mixture to granulate bed granulation. The high pressure output allows the fluid to flow through the large nozzles and to the bed granulation area.
Other commonly used equipment in the manufacture of fertilizers is the tablet maker. A person who manufactures tablets is called a tablet manufacturer. A person who manufactures tablets and mixes them is called a wet granulation manufacturer. A person who manufactures dry granules is called a dry granulation manufacturer. Both these manufacturers manufacture tablets for the purpose of supplementing the human body's nutrition.

Granulation Equipment includes a wide range of products is Fluid Bed Dryer, Double Cone Blender, Multi Mill, Octagonal Blender, Rapid Mixer Granulator, and Vibro Separators. Most of the equipment manufacturers to design and manufacture complete sets of granulation tools and also offer complete formulations under the category of 'granulation products'. Some of the most popular products manufactured by these companies are the dry powder, wet powder and the direct compression formulas. These granulation tools help you manufacture tablets and other formulations. The ingredients in the formulations help in the quick manufacture of tablets.
The most common types of equipment used for the purpose of granulation are the dry powder and the wet powder. The dry powder machine is mainly used for mass production of dry powder. A person can produce a huge volume of dry powder using a dry powder machine. Likewise, a wet powder machine helps in the manufacture of a huge volume of granulated materials like the paraffin, emulsion, oil emulsions and also the chemical products.

Know more about Vibro Separators visit our website or contact us at below address

Lodha International LLP
Address : I-101, Swaminarayan Park-1,
Opp.Mangaldeep School, Nava Vadaj,
Ahmedabad-380013, Gujarat ,INDIA.

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