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61, High Street, West Sussex, Hassocks

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We are specialists in acupuncture in West Sussex. We use gentle, painless acupuncture techniques to help those who are suffering from emotional & mental issues. Acupuncture is the practise of inserting thin, solid, metallic needles into the skin. These needles are then stimulated with either electrical stimulation or small, precise hand motions by the acupuncturist. It is thought that acupuncture points stimulate the central nervous system. In turn, the muscles, spinal cord, and brain are exposed to chemicals. These metabolic alterations might encourage the body's innate healing processes and advance mental and physical health. People should consult a primary care physician before getting acupuncture to alleviate chronic pain or other disorders. Acupuncturists themselves can be primary care physicians in the UK. Get in touch with us for acupuncture therapy in West Sussex. We would be happy to hear from you or connect with you at any time.

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