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Things To Know Before Going For the Car Mileage Correction

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Mileage correction is the process of adjusting, recalibrating, or removing the mileage displayed on the dashboard of your digital speedometer. Most modern cars have an electronic dashboard with a digital speedometer display.

Over time, the vehicle may lose calibration parameters, thereby giving false results about the actual distance traveled by the vehicle. Another reason is to compensate for changes in tire size. when your vehicle is purchased new, it will come with standard-sized wheels (common size is 205 55 16″), the vehicle's speedometer is calibrated to that particular size wheel, if you change the width or diameter of the wheel, this correction will then be out of sync and even tire wear will significantly affect the range.

The goal of correcting the mileage on the odometer is to reflect the vehicle's true mileage. Have you ever wondered why people use a car mileage correction service to change the mileage of their vehicle? For more information visit:


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