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I hate working with so-called 'professional' writers.

They charge too much…

They think knowing where to put a full stop makes them the next Shakespeare…

And they can't take any criticism whatsoever.

That's why I'm looking for unprofessional writers for some very special writing jobs.

I don't care if you can barely string a sentence together…

If you've never read a book…

Or if the only dictionary in your house is used as a doorstop…

If you've got a bit of enthusiasm and are keen to learn, you can still be paid up to $120 a day… $840 a week… $3,460 a month… $43,680 a year to do this writing.

There's just one catch…

There are only a limited number of these writing spots available today.

And with $3,460 a month extra income on the line, I expect those spots to get filled up quickly.

So, if you're interested, don't hang about

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