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7 Effective Tips for Wearing Silver Jewelry in 2022

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The American trend of jewelry has taken a swift turn upwards, as the youth of America have fallen in love with styling themselves with tattoos and jewelry.

Fashion trend in the united states has had a 360* turn as just a few decades ago, the fashion in America was very sophisticated with men wearing shirts, pants, and suits on the other women wearing more covered skirts and tops. But in modern times the fashion sense has changed by far, with the population becoming more open to exposing their body parts such as the neck, shoulders, arms, and this has had an overall effect on the look of an average American adult.

The youth of America love decorating themselves with jewelry, rings, ornaments, and tattoos, you can easily find punks on the streets of NYC or Los Angeles studded with tattoos, spiked hair styles, and sterling silver jewelry.

Well as sterling silver jewelry is more durable, lustrous, and affordable the youth prefer wearing it as it’s easy to get. Well if you American youths are on a hunt for gold and silver jewelry then Nisso & CO are the leading sterling silver jewelry wholesale in NYC, 18K gold-filled jewelry wholesale in NYC, and the most affordable gold-filled jewelry wholesale in NYC.

We Nisso & Co are the most trusted jewelry brand in the United States based in NYC, so whatever part of the United States you are in, feel free to connect to us for some affordable but quality trusted jewelry wholesale and individual designs.









7 Ways To Fashion Your Silver Jewelry in 2022

Wearing jewelry is a new normal fashion, most punks and sidekicks on the streets of NYC have been wearing silver sterling for fun. The properties of sterling silver make it an excellent candidate as its more resistant to rusting,  long-lasting, and tougher when compared to the jewelry of pure silver or gold.

So now let’s discuss 7 ways how you could fashion this affordable metal jewelry with your everyday style.

Style It Like A Punk

Jewelry of sterling silver is the best choice if you want to style yourself as a sidekick punk, with tattoos and heavy silver chains.

Silver jewelry gives you a masculine look and especially goes well with tattoos. You can wear heavy silver chains multiple of them, silver bracelets, and earrings all made up of silver.

The silver jewelry goes well on dark skin, it glitters so well that catches the attention of others, so if you want to give yourself a punky look on a Halloween day then you can style multiple silver ornaments and jewelry together with your tattoos.

Wear It To Look Classic

Men also are fond of wearing jewelry, and silver jewelry can be used to give men a classic look. Class in the sens means bracelets of silver, and silver chains can be styled on blazers, suits, and shirts.

This overall combination enhances the man’s personality giving him a classy royal look, also jewelry of lite-plated gold can be worn on dark-colored shirts.

So if you are about to get married or heading for an important meeting then styling your silver metal jewelry with a combination of shirts and suits can be a wise decision.

Dresses and Silver Jewelry


When it comes to jewelry, women love it, the women in the USA love wearing think-plated sterling jewelry on dresses. These dresses should be good and shiny, if you want to wear silver jewelry on them, this combination is the best glamorous combination that women can wear.

Dresses & sterling silver jewelry enhance the beauty of a woman, giving her a royal and pleasing look. So if recently heading for a party or wedding ceremony they always style your dresses with silver jewelry.

Silver Rings To Add Beauty

Rings of silver are the most beautiful silver jewelry types to wear, gifting your wife a silver ring on her marriage day is the perfect moment.

Silver rings go well with the bride, apart from it silver rings are very common among the public. It’s a trending fashion among American women. So wear a silver ring to add beauty to your delicate fingers.

Ears & Silver Earrings

The ears are one of the most visible parts of the human face, women in all parts of the world prefer wearing earrings for their daily use or for functions.

You can style silver earrings on a pair of party wear or just casual clothes as it’s a simple way to look beautiful and highlight your ears. The same goes for the men, as they can wear tiny silver earrings to make their ears look twinkling at a party.

Bracelets Of Silver & Fist

Wearing a strong silver bracelet on the fist gives a man a very masculine look. Silver sterling bracelets are one of the most popular fashion wear among men in the United States.

Many models pair silver bracelets on shirts, or on a Hawaii shirt on the beach, this gives them a cool, relaxed and masculine look.

Silver Style For Youth

The Youth of America loves wearing silver, in the form of 925 sterling silver jewelry. The youth can wear different types of silver jewelry and ornaments such as necklaces, rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

The fact is that sterling silver is more affordable, the pocket money of the youth in America can easily afford it by saving their pocket money.

Youth can style their silver jewelry on college casuals, or for parties as silver sterling jewelry are a very versatile fashion object it goes well on every type of skin and dressing style.

So here were some tips to style your silver jewelry, if you’re looking for sterling silver jewelry wholesale in NYC then Nisso & Co is the leading sterling silver jewelry wholesaler in the United States that is based in NYC, we are the most trusted jewelry brand operating in the market successfully past 30 years.


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