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Madden NFL 24 level offensive tackles and tight ends is not a pretty s

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The majority of the time, Harold would just kind of hit the left tackle and become stuck on his block in passing plays. He could've completed the ball at a 4.9 in my opinion as concerned, considering how often he won with a speed rush. What's the use of being a great athlete If you're not going to utilize your strength to play a pass rusher occasionally?

That was extremely frustrating to observe.

I'm just not thrilled that I did see Harold perform good moves sometimes, because I started to wonder why he didn't utilize them all the time. If he'd been able to, he'd had more sacks. He didn't, which is likely the reason the team "only" only had about 7.5 total sacks in the season. That's not a bad figure, though it isn't a great one either.

Maybe it could have helped If he hadn't missed so many tackles, including several sacks. When it came to the Louisville game, which was which he recorded two sacks did not even miss three other tackles, one of which was another sack opportunity. The dude was supposed to be a top player, but when you're scot-free, how do you complete the play?

This is worrying.

I've not even got around to talking about Harold's not so great play when he was running. I'm willing to admit that occasionally, he stepped off the ball very well and then threw the blocker up and made the play. A majority of the times, however, he either got hit in the face or was roughed up.

Not a great experience.

Harold has also given up the edge to running backs on running plays wayyyyy too often during the five games. It will not work anymore. I know he's a little too light on the inside but his blocking is going to be even better on the next level. He'll need come up with a solution to repair that shit in a hurry. Some extra weight, some squats or more technique is my prescription, but for the moment, I am imagining Harold trying to establish the edges on Madden NFL 24 level offensive tackles and tight ends is not a pretty sight.

In all fairness, there were instances where Harold was able to make some spectacular play against the run. However, I'm used to hearing to see that from elite players. It's not just doing it every now and then that impresses me. It's doing it consistently every play after play that will make me feel excited. Harold displayed his skills in every contest against passing as well as against the run. You also might watch any given play during those five games when he appears to be just another player.

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