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3 Common Goal Setting Mistakes

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There are 1000s of books and 10,000s of articles about how to set goals. Setting goals is not a mystery. So why is it that people are still struggling with goal setting?

It’s because of these mistakes people make (and no one warns them).

Setting Unrealistic Goals - while setting big and bold goals can be exciting, it often discourages people from even pursuing them.

TIP: Set goals that are achievable in the near future. You can always set new and bigger ones.

Starting too big - At the beginning, most people are excited and enthusiastic about pursuing their goals, so they start with “massive action”, which they simply are not used to maintaining. And so, after a few days, it becomes exhausting, and they stop.

TIP: Start with moderate action that you can sustain for weeks and months. When it gets comfortable, step it up a bit.

Keeping your goals secret - You don’t have to trumpeter your goals to the whole world, but keeping your goals secret makes it much easier to just quit when you get tired or bored (and you will).

TIP: Tell about your goals to people you trust and who will support you. Better yet, set up accountability with some of them.

Goal setting is not hard, but it’s easy to go wrong about it.
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