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Bhavya Machine Tools Re-known Manufacture of Grinding Machine

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Machine tools are the machines used for various processing work on different metals. Machining works like cutting, grinding, shaping machine to shape the metal work piece, boring, slotting on metal through slotting machine, shearing and others are carried out by mechanical and electronic tools are known as machine tools. Previously in 18th century before the industrial revolution, the machineries were made from the wood. The bulk production with precision accuracy evolved the mechanism to define metal parts from cast iron and wrought iron but still there are were limitations of hammering and to create required pressure on metal works. Gradually the further inventions as per the requirements for machining evaluated the old wooden or metal machineries to their existing form passing through several stages Previously manual pressure are used for machining tools that can be transformed to electrical pressure and mechanical pressure later on as the electricity invented. Earlier machine tools used flywheels with gears and levers for controlling the machine. After the mid age of twentieth century Numerical controlled machineries and then CNC machineries were evaluated for better machining.


Grinding Machine


Grinding machine is used to grind the metal and other materials. This machine tool is well recognized as a Grinder in the Industries. This machine consist the abrasive wheel, the rolling wheel used as a cutter. It cuts the metal in chips. The importance of this machine tool is to make the finishing of metal work piece by grinding the small chips from metal surface. The process through which the grinding machine removes metal is called as abrasion. Heat gets produced during this process. It requires coolant to cool down the metal piece.  Various types of grinding machines are used in different industrial applications.


Belt grinding – This grinding machine is used for grinding wood and metals to finish, debar and material removing.


Bench Grinder – manual machine tools used for finishing operation consisting two wheels of different grains.


Cylindrical grinder – with multiple grinding wheels to create cylinder shape of metal. Precision tubes, rods and bushing are generated through this grinder.


Surface Grinder – Most commonly grinder with manual use or CNC operated surface grinder. The work piece movement in back and forth grinds the surface of metal piece


There are many other types of grinder like tool and cutter grinder, jig grinder and gear grinder used to grind metal piece for different applications.


Further details, about Grinding Machine visit our website or contact us at below mentioned address –


Bhavya Machine Tools

A-601, 6th Floor, Sapath-4, Opp. Karnavati Club,

S.G. Highway Road, Satellite,

Ahmedabad-380 051,

Gujarat (India).

Phone: +91-7940242800, +91 - 79 - 3007 4560

Fax: +91-79-4024 2877

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