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Jo Richardson School, Castle Green, Gale Street, Dagenham, RM9 4UN, Greater London, Dagenham

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Carpe Diem provides a perfect private tutor that can help your child develop a disciplined approach to learning and enable them to learn independently in the future, in addition to enhancing academic achievement.

Unlike in a group situation, your kid will be able to work at their own pace, with the tutor giving additional time to more difficult areas of study where your child may be falling behind in class. If your child is twiddling their thumbs while their classmates play catchup, our private tutor can personalise their lessons to their level so they don't feel under-challenged.

Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from experts with years of expertise in the subject to university students eager to share their knowledge. Each tutor sets their fees depending on their experience, demand for tuition, and geographical region, so you won't always come up against that Private Tuition in London pricing when trying to improve your abilities or support your child's learning.

Because some students may flourish with a particular textbook while others prefer a more visual approach, the tutor must employ a variety of teaching strategies. Our best tutors in Dagenham understand the distinction and can consistently get results.

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