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3 Things You Need to Know About Brass Jewelry

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  The young population in America is quick to adopt the new fashion trends, especially among women the competition of looking fashionable is a competitive trend. As jewelry made of brass is long-lasting, fashionable & affordable to everyone, and has, become a top choice for women to decorate themselves with jewelry & ornaments made of brass.

Brass is an alloy of 2 metals copper & zinc, the tone or color of the brass jewelry can depend on the amount of copper and zinc present in it. If the amount of copper is more then the jewelry will have more of a yellow tone & more zinc in the jewelry will give it a whiter tone.

Brass is one of the most affordable jewelry metals & a very preferred choice of artisans & jewelry lovers. In recent times brass cubic zirconia bracelets, brass cubic zirconia necklaces & many other cubic zirconia brass ornaments & jewelry are growing very popular.

Buying brass jewelry can be a very quick solution to your fashion & budget, apart from silver & gold jewelry. The jewelry made of brass tends to change its color if it comes in contact with water & air as brass is an alloy of zinc & copper these metals are very reactive to external forces, also jewelry made of brass is more tough & long-lasting.






Brass Can Turn Your Skin Green

Brass is an alloy of 2 metals, copper & zinc that can turn your skin green at times. When brass jewelry comes into contact with water, sweat, or just when you wash your hands with water it can leave behind a green mark on your skin.

This green lining is not something you should be worried about as it’s just oxidation of the metal as it comes in contact with water. This oxidation can leave a slite green mark on your fists or finger where you had put your brass jewelry. The green lining will soon disappear within a few hours & you should not be worried about it.

Brass Jewelry Fades Quick

Once you start wearing your brass jewelry daily you will soon start to notice a fade of colors & dark corners at certain points of your jewelry.

The fading color of your brass jewelry is not something you should be worried about as it’s a process that can be well reversed.

  1. If your brass jewelry is just started fading, you can use a toothbrush & some toothpaste to polish it and make it shine again.
  2. Submerge it in warm water mixed with detergent for 10-20 mins this will help get off the oxidation on it & the shine will return.

Jewelry & ornaments made of brass lose their shine as time passes but getting back the shine is easy, you can return its shine back as if it was a new piece of jewelry.

Brass Jewelry Is Affordable

Jewelry made of silver & gold is in demand but also expensive on the other hand jewelry made of brass is comparatively very affordable & long-lasting.

Yes, jewelry made of brass does lose its shine early but you can return its shine by using some home remedies & your jewelry will gain all its shine as it was still new.

Most famous brass jewelry types such as brass cubic zirconia bracelets, brass cubic zirconia necklaces, brass earrings & brass cufflinks are very popular brass jewelry types that are very affordable.

Brass Jewelry Is Stylish

Most artisans & professional jewelry designers like designing unique jewelry designs using brass. Brass gives the artists the freedom to design & put into practice their designing skills. You can find a wide number of unique designs craved on brass cubic zirconia bracelets, brass cubic zirconia necklaces, brass earrings & other ornaments made of brass.

Cubic Zirconia when paired with brass gives your jewelry a royal look at affordable prices, the trending fashion of brass cubic zirconia jewelry enhances your appearance. Brass jewelry is available in many unique designs & helps you look very stylish with spend less.

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