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Car electronics, diagnostics, ECU remapping and DPF in West London

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Service Cost: £35.00

Greater London, London

We are your most trusted destination for car electronics repair and maintenance.
We offer manual and computer diagnostics, chip tuning and ECU remapping, DPF removal, EGR diagnostic and repair, and immobilisers repair and re-programming. We service both petrol and diesel engines, and perform diagnostic and repair on any car make and model. Our expert car mechanics are constantly being trained in the use of the latest software and equipment in performing car repair and maintenance. AutoGogola specialises in Diesel engines, ECU software updates and modifications, DPF maintenance, car diagnostic and repair, and preventive maintenance services. We guarantee that all our works are done according to clients’ specifications. While we are quick to give our expert advice, we are always open to customer input when performing any kind of work on our clients’ vehicle.

We specialise in:

  • Car Diagnostic
  • Chip Tuning / ECU re-mapping
  • DPF and EGR servicing and removal
  • Immobilisers and other electronic control units

Prices start from £35 for diagnostics, £180 for ECU remapping or DPF works.


Telephone: 07852 391 950

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