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How To Apply International Driving License Online

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 To know more about the title first you need to know What is an international driving license (IDL)? It is a type of driver's license issued by some countries, including the United States and Canada, and the UK that is meant to be used in conjunction with their national driver's licenses while backpacking or traveling abroad on short-term trips alone or with family. IDLs can be used in any country that recognizes them as well as countries that issue them reciprocally.

To whom the International driving license is permitted?

It is generally promoted to the people who love to ride their vehicle in the UK and other foreign countries. Most important the applicants must have their nation's active driving license along with them to get the international driving license.



What is an International driving permit?

An international driving permit (IDP) is a type of international driving license that permits the holder to drive any vehicle, within the duration specified by the issuing country. These permits are issued by traffic authorities of individual countries and not the automobile registration authority of your home country.

Many documents are mandatory when you are applying for an International driving license. Let me give you a quick summary of what they are:-

  1. VALID LICENSE:-you need a valid license from your home country to apply for an international driving license ( IDL) in the UK.
  2. AIR TICKETS:-Air tickets of the applicant are important to submit as it is a part of genuine verification to get anInternational driving license in UK.
  3. VISA COPIES:-Visa copies are also a part of the verification process and to know for how long you need an International driving license after a particular period as per the visa your IDL will be considered inactive.
  4. PASSPORT PHOTOCOPIES:-well passport is the first document to move on to register for any services in foreign countries. You may need a couple of copies of your passport along with these given documents to get the IDL on time in the UK.
  5. FEE:-Prescribed fees plus user charges need to be paid before initiating the process of international driving license in the UK.
Another question arises here is do you need one?

An international driving license is important if you have frequent or longer foreign trips and you want to drive your vehicle instead of using public transport. IDL is a mandatory requirement in more than 130 countries worldwide. IDP depends from country to country as the process is not identical everywhere also if someone is touring in multiple countries they need more than one IDP.

Applicants also get an international driving permit if they get their international driving license issued from Guernsey, Jersey, or Gibraltar apart from Great Britain or Northern Ireland.

We know what your next question is.

From where and how to apply for an international driving license in the UK.

Well, there are a lot of websites that give facilities of IDL but can't compete with e-idp.


Because e-idp is a trusted UK-based website that helped more than 10000 people to get their International driving licenses smoothly in more than 180 countries. They have a team of super-responsive people and their services are convenient and fast.


Fill out the application form given on e-idp site with genuine information about the applicant.

• STEP 2

The submitted application will be checked to assure all the information is authentic and correct from the applicant's side.

• STEP 3

After inspection and assurance, the application will be passed and handover for further process.

• STEP 4

Prints of the ID and booklet are now ready to ship to the given address on the application form.

• STEP 5

Shipping is done at the doorstep. Applicants can even request digital printouts which will be delivered to them within 2-3 hours after the final application form submitted.

Advantages of applying for an international driving license from e-idp:- • MINIMAL CHARGES

e-idp charged a minimum for issuing international driving licenses in the UK. It typically starts at €30.


e-idp is supported by 184 countries and with the maximum validation at minimum charges.


 e-idp is supported in fourteen different languages so, no need to worry before applying for one.


They have numerous packages of IDL valid from one year to ten years at a minimal price. They also give the option to take out digital printouts or hard copies or even both with the variation in charges according to the applicant's preferences.


They have a team of highly experienced people who are super-responsive and can assist their clients till they finally receive their International driving licenses ( IDL)


e-idp company's services in the international driving license (IDL) is a chance for everyone who wants to practice their driving professionally and bypass the test. They provide all the necessary tools to achieve your goal of qualifying for an international driver’s license. Ranked the highest quality of service by their customers, They keep on passing this experience to them with increasing confidence and satisfaction. It is one of the most trusted sites and is highly recommended if you want to know about IDP, IDL, and its procedure to apply one for yourself from scratch.

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