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Octofrosts Individual Quick Freezer

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IQF technology has seen an uprise in acceptance across a variety of different enterprises, and the growing popularity of its end-products with the user market. Part of this newfound success has been the innovations and elegance of implementations that have risen across the industry. Octofrost’s IQF freezer is a prime example of that. The crown jewel of its frozen food production line, it can be easily configured to work as part of any pre-existing processing line to produce optimal results.

The benefits of using the freezer are many:

  • Heightened yield;
  • Excellent food safety;
  • Impressive energy savings;
  • Premium product quality.

However, the real beauty shines in the way these feats are carried out. Thanks to the adjustable cold airflow, it’s possible to use just as much energy as is needed to freeze the food you’re currently working with.

The bedplate technology makes maintenance and hygiene effortless, as it’s now possible to replace without stopping production. Finally, you can get started almost immediately! Octofrost’s Individual Quick Freezer is ready for operation as soon as 3 days after arrival. No big arrangements are necessary!

Incorporate the biggest recent advancements in the frozen food sector at an affordable rate with Octofrost and seize the day! Contact us at +46 42 33 22 60 to get started.


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