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Hydrate in Style - 10 Off All CRET Water Bottles

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Get 10% off on all CRÜET water bottles with innovative replaceable liners for a cleaner and healthier hydration routine.

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Late-Night Inspiration
Crüet’s ride commenced when founder John had a late-night revelation in March 2015 after a grueling work shift. He used to be worn-out and frustrated, using home, realizing that his water bottle had been sitting in his auto for hours, desperately wanting a top clean. The notion of discovering a extra environment friendly way to disinfect and easy bottles that had beverages lingering interior them took root at some stage in this drive.

From Sketch to Prototype
Fast ahead to August 2021, after months of brainstorming and tinkering, John had his breakthrough. His preliminary concept, first sketched in a humble notebook, had advanced into a purposeful prototype. This marked a sizable step in bringing Crüet to existence and making it a reality.

Crüet’s Debut
Finally, after large improvement and refinement, Crüet made its debut in April 2023. With its patented format proposing food-grade silicone liners, Crüet presented a innovative answer to bottle cleansing and maintenance. The product’s flexibility and convenience, validated by means of detachable and interchangeable liners, shortly received attention. Crüet bottles grew to become a hit, simplifying people’s lives and revolutionizing bottle hygiene. Welcome to the world of Crüet!

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