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Do you have high emotional intelligence and some free time

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Do you have a skill or a service in mind that can help people connect with their emotions?


If so, you could be just what we are looking for. is a listing service people can use to search for an experience that will meet their emotional needs. They may want a hug, someone to accompany them to the dentist, listen to their complaints or take care after someone having an emotional release.


We are looking for ordinary people with high emotional intelligence to become experience creators - emotional caregivers and use Emotions Market as a platform to advertise their services to clients looking for emotion or senses related experiences.  We look for people who are good listeners, great with people and can play the role. We look for people who will put the other person first and be a support.


It's free to publish your emotional experience or sensory experience on our slick and easy to use website, until the end of 2022. People can contact you directly through your contact details on the listings page, and then you manage your money and clients yourself. 


We offer an experience check service for a £25 fee, which allows you to get your experience tested and display a verified badge on your listing, giving it better exposure and peace of mind for your clients.


Our website is safe and secure, and offers you an attractive and easy-to-use site to display your experiences to potential clients. We actively promote it too, so be one of the early adopters.

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