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Ludovica Colella Coaching

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Ludovica Colella Coaching
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Ludovica Colella is a therapist/coach who specializes in confidence coaching for those entangled in people-pleasing behaviours, particularly millennial women. Through her ""From Zero to Hero"" program, she helps women dismantle limiting beliefs, foster self-worth and step into the most authentic version of themselves.

Ludovica Colella empowers you to shed people-pleasing habits guilt-free, leveraging a blend of neural reprogramming and mindset reshaping to build unwavering confidence. She arms you with assertiveness skills, fostering the courage to stand your ground, and instils self-compassion practices to replace self-criticism with self-care. Guiding you through emotional regulation tools, Ludovica transforms resilience into your natural state allowing you to to transcend people-pleasing tendencies and unlock your inherent power. Ludovica offers both 1:1 coaching and self study courses that allow you to progress at your own pace.

• 85 Great Portland Street London W1W 7LT

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