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Sysmex XS-1000i Hematology Analyzers

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Fluorescent flow cytometry and advanced cell counting in a space-saving footprint make the Sysmex XS-Series Automated Hematology Analyzer an excellent choice for laboratories that have smaller sample volumes.  The Sysmex XS-1000i offers 21 testing parameters and closed tube sampling to assure operator safety. It requires less than four feet of counter space and uses only 20 µL of the sample.

What is the Sysmex XS-1000i?

The Sysmex XS-1000i is a hematology analyzer by Japanese healthcare company Sysmex. It is the latest product in a new series of products called the XS-series. Unlike its predecessors, this particular one is compact in size. It also features the newest fluorescence flow cytometry technology.

But let us first know what a hematology analyzer is. It is a device that measures and identifies blood cells in the human body, hence the word "haema." These machines can measure blood cells at rapid speed, thus eliminating the need for a microscope.

An overview of the Sysmex XS-1000i

The Sysmex XS-1000i is smaller in size compared to other entries in the Sysmex X-Class line. Due to its compact size, it takes up less space and is easy to operate. This device measures 320x403x413 mm (weight x height x thickness) and weighs about 52 pounds. With the optional sampler, it weighs 83 pounds, and the dimensions come to about 450x420x630 mm.

It can function well for single tubes with a closed mode aspiration. Additionally, it also comes with an optional sampler if you want better regulation. The robust fluorescence flow cytometry technology makes life easier for technicians and researchers. It provides accurate readings of white blood cells. Plus, it can scan red blood cells and platelets precisely with hydrodynamic focusing.

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