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The first level 100 Hardcore Diablo 4 character is dead MMOEXP

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The first level 100 Hardcore Diablo 4 character is dead | MMOEXP


Diablo 4's first-ever level 100 Hardcore character is dead, and it happened in the most painful way possible.

Earlier this week, we reported that streamer cAarn_ had taken the crown of becoming the first Diablo 4 player with a level 100 Hardcore character. The streamer, who it turns out is actually a former Path of Exile pro player, flew past their competition to dominate in the race to reach the milestone.

Now though, less than 48 hours later, their level 100 Hardcore character has met their untimely demise. As first reported by PCGamesN, cArn_ was streaming using their powerful character earlier this week, when all of a sudden, the screen cut to black, and panic ensued.

Diablo 4 players pour one out for the worst loot imaginable | MMOEXP


Diablo 4 players are pouring one out for the worst loot you've ever seen.

Loot is pretty much the name of the game in Diablo 4, and if you've spent time grinding out activities for new gear, it can seriously suck if that new gear is basically useless. That's the case with the Legendary helmet just below, which somehow heals a staggering zero to two points of health per second for each enemy within close proximity.


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