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Remove A Birds Nest - Pest Gone

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Flat 2, Greater London, Catford


Birds provide the background music to our lives, singing happily in our gardens, streets and towns. Whether their song is waking us up in the morning or lulling us to sleep for an afternoon nap, you can’t deny England wouldn’t be complete without their serenade.

These wonderful creatures treat us to dazzling flashes of reds, yellows and blues with their presence. These colours seem even more welcoming during the drab cold winter months.

That said, for all the happiness they bring to us and the environment, there may be at times where they are somewhere undesirable to you, or somewhere unsafe for them. If this happens you will want to know the correct steps and safety measures to take on how to remove the nest.


If the birds are in danger or there is a public health and safety, disease or damage issue, then you can discuss the situation with a Natural England Wildlife Adviser or Wildlife Licensing Unit on 0845 6014523  who can advise you on the best course of action.


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